Saturday, January 7, 2017

One week has passed...

...and I have not played any table top games, be it board games or role-playing games.  The first week of January is always a tricky period, with some groups still focused on family events, while others tied up with other activities.  Admittedly, I'm not the kind of guy who is used to having such quiet days, and so this week has been a tad tough on me.  To survive it, I've been diving into Civilization V on the laptop, as well as been writing.  I got a lot of writing to do after all.

I've finished my first draft submission for Witch: The Fated and I'm really hoping that will be received well.  Currently, I've been working on the Martini stuff for Cold Shadows, which will explore a variety of ways to enjoy the game despite having only you and your friend for the game night.  I'm drawing inspiration from shows like The Night Manager, Alias, Infernal Affairs and movies like Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy.  Admittedly, I'd love to have done the same with books but there just isn't enough time as I tend to be a slow reader.  I've also been working on the Tenra Bansho Zero scenario which reads sort of like a Black Mirror episode with lots of Eastern influences.  I'm hoping that goes well too.  And finally, in between projects, I sneak in time to work on Dreamscrapers and A Second Moment.   Sickening Queens, the drag queen Fiasco playset, is pretty much done, save for the artwork and layout which has become a challenge due to my limited funds.

But yeah, I'm no longer just a fanboy who loved gaming and dreamed of some day sharing my own stuff to others.  I've now become a game designer for role-playing games as well, and who knows, maybe within this year, I'll also have a table top game release?    I'm even toying with the idea of working on a Dune-inspired game with Rocky and I writing out the universe and making it our own version of cool.  If we're lucky, it will have an appreciative audience as well.

Here's hoping this coming week will be a more game filled one. Pandemic Legacy is on its last month at our office game.  While the box I got for me, Rocky, Che and Urim has only had its first month so far.  Then there's the 7th Sea twin-campaign which ended with a huge reveal on the Villain's plans, but not their Mastermind yet, there's the Vampire 20th edition campaign with the reveal of the "Sleeper" given the title, and there's our insanely fun Legends of the Wulin game which has taken a mindscape time jump as the heroes try to master their Kung Fu before they face off against the bid bag guy.  There's also the upcoming Houses of the Blooded oneshot game we're playing with Flip and Carlo, which if they turn out to like it as much as we do, might become a monthly thing.  And there's the plans of trying new games, including Exalted 3rd edition.

Later today, January 8, I'll be back with family cause it is my dad's birthday.  I'm hoping to steal him away to try to catch Rogue One on IMAX. Web shows its still screening at SM Southmall, but online postings have been wrong before - so crossing my fingers and hoping it works out.  It is almost 5a.m. so I better grab some sleep, wake up by noon, to have a quick lunch, then head to the south for my dad.

So yeah, 2017. Let's get brighter each passing week, shall we?

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