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Bookhounds of London : Fiasco

Bookhounds of London


Tobie plays Silas, the manservant of Monty Pendragon.
Flip plays the catalog agent and master of Silas, Montgomery Pendragon,
Josh plays Marcus Duboir the IV, an old collector from France and took his protege with him to London to scout for books.
Carlo plays William Peroux, the man in training who is hoping to learn more of the craft.

The story begins with Silas and William Peroux, as the two realize they have actually found a copy of the Necronomicon from Master Pendragon's library.  Silas is curious to learn more about it. Peroux recognizes it from the first glance and listens worriedly as Silas admits he feels as if the book called to him.  Silas admits Pendragon has been hiding the book from everyone, including Marcus Duboir.

Monty bursts into the house, looking for Silas. He walks into the grand hall of the Duboir residence searching for his manservant. Peroux tells Silas to hide and goes down to meet with Pendragon. But as he tries to misdirect Pendragon, something shatters upstairs.  Peroux explains it away as strong wind and... after opening the door to the second clatter... an opened window.  There is no sign of Silas Pendragon takes his leave.  Peroux peeks out and sees Silas running away.

A flashback. Pendragon recalls meeting Marcus Duboir IV earlier that evening. They talked about finding an ancient book from a tomb. Silas served them tea and is manhandled by Pendragon for interrupting their talk. He sent Silas away to get the book and spent the time talking to Duboir about his adoptive son, William Peroux, while they wait.   Duboir however complained he has no time to wait and asked Pendragon instead to come visit him with the book, as well as any other book he might want to sell him.  Peroux and Duboir left without further discussion.

Back at the present, Silas runs into a neglected Church, ignoring the pouring rain.  Pendragon chases after Silas towards the Church, and he sees Silas at the altar, reading the book.  He hits Silas, demanding the book be returned, but Silas warns him not to come any closer. Silas confesses he needs to read it.  And when Pendragon demands Silas return his book, Silas screams back, "It is not your book!" Pendragon slaps Silas.  Silas runs, climbing the broken tower. Pendragon warns him if he does not stop, he will see what he is capable of. When Pendragon shoves Silas to take the book, the manservant falls off the broken steps, and hangs for his dear life at the edge. Lightning flashes.  Silas feels something awaken... and he knows deep down it has to do with the words he had spoken aloud.   Fear grips him. He lets go and he falls.

At the ground, Silas is broken and dying.  Pendragon comes up to him and takes the book from Silas' bloody body.  "They're watching you now...I can see them staring at you from the darkness...." Silas mutters as he dies.  Pendragon begins to kick Silas' head over and over, wanting him to shut up.

Back at the mansion, Peroux hastily runs to Duboir's room and pounds on the door. Peroux tells him he senses something is amiss and asks him about the Necronomicon, a book rumored to have mystical powers. Peroux confesses Silas had the book and that he could read it.  The two turn and Peroux sees Silas standing in the room, with his head bashed open and bleeding.  Duboir cannot see him. Peroux insists Silas is in the room, and insists he is not lying. Duboir however accuses Peroux of lying and of having stolen things from his collection.  Peroux is thrown out of the house and the door is slammed shut.

A day later.  Marcus Duboir IV is at a conference of esteemed book collectors.  As the gathered watch him, he comes onto the stage and raises into view a book he had purchased from Pendragon.  Duboir claims it is the great Necromicon and while the crowd whispers in awe, Peroux, who is also in the room, sees and knows it is not the true book. Duboir shows the book off, but when Peroux motions for Duboir to have a moment to talk, Duboir brushes him off at first.  Pendragon, also in the room, watches from afar.  Peroux imposes himself on Duboir and tells him the book is not the actual book which Silas showed him. Silas, a ghost in the room, watches as Pendragon hurries to leave.  Silas turns to Peroux, who turns out to be a capable medium, and whispers to his ear that Pendragon is leaving.  Duboir hates the fact he paid ten thousand francs for a false book.  Peroux hurries through the crowd to catch up with Pendragon, but when Pendragon sees Duboir and Peroux, following him, he begins to run.  Duboir calls out for the man, declaring him to be a fraud.   They chase Pendragon down into an alleyway, which leads to a dead end.  Pendragon growls at Duboir warning him he cannot have the book.  Pendragon growls, almost like a beast, and Duboir attempts to grab the book from Pendragon's hands.  Silas whispers to Peroux that they have to take the book. Pendragon screams.

Weeks later.  At the asylum, William Peroux opts to visit Monty Pendragon.  Silas stays with Peroux, whipering things to him about what he knows. Pendragon can sense there's something different about Peroux too. Peroux asks what was in the book, but Pendragon insists he did not read it. "The book talked to me." Peroux turns to Silas, wondering if what Pendragon is true.  Silas admits the Master Duboir is now the one the book has caught. He is the one the book wants. Peroux asks where the book was found and Pendragon admits it was in a chamber under his land.  Silas admits they never found the chamber before. Peroux sneaks Pendragon out of the Asylum and Pendragon offers to lead Peroux through the tunnels.

The Tilt: Someone's Life is Changed Forever In a Bad Way

Peroux and Silas sneaks into the manor, entering from the back, choosing to be smart about things as they follow Pendragon's lead.  They go to the study first and Pendragon bumps into things in the dark.  They hear sounds in the corner of the room. Silas whispers, "It is here." Lights flicker on and they see Marcus Duboir the IV sitting at the corner, hugging the tome as he mutters to them that it is his. Peroux tries to take the book, but Pendragon blocks him, telling him not to do that or it will get ot him too. Peroux wonders how to stop the book, but Silas warns them they are not alone.  Duboir starts yelling, "There he is!  There he is!"  He begins to bask in the glory of something in the vicinity, but Duboir is angered by the fact he cannot see it clearly.  Peroux grabs the book anyway.  Pendragon battles against himself, trying to keep himself from clawing at Peroux to stop him.  Silas mutters something about everything can burn. Peroux lights a fire in the nearby fireplace and tosses the book into the flames!  Pendragon and Duboir scream, "No!" and the flames grow larger.  But to their horror, the book does not burn!  The flames begin to spread, however, and burn the very house, as if the book was protecting itself from those in the house.  Silas mutters, "Everything burns... everything..." And Peroux realizes Silas may have been talking about the house and not the tome. Pendragon and Peroux begin to grapple at each other, with Duboir joining the fray, as the urge to take the book from the fire strikes them. Silas reaches for the book, wondering if he can still hold it despite being a ghost.  Pendragon, however, sneaks through Silas, and takes it from the flames.  He calls out, "It is mine again!" and opens the book to start reading aloud the incantation within! Duboir snaps out of the weird state he was in, and realizes the place is burning.  He sees what Pendragon is doing, and he tackles Pendragon to the floor to force the book out of his hands.  As it topples to the floor, Peroux reaches to grab it.  Silas stands in front of Peroux, warning him if he touches it he will be just as mad as the others.  Peroux, however, is determined to find a way to destroy it.  "If not fire... perhaps Water?" Silas wonders aloud. "Perhaps the Sea?"

Duboir and Pendragon stares at Peroux who seems to be arguing with the very air about not wanting to take the book.  Duboir uses a cloth to reach for the book, then they lift it out of the flames without touching it.  He places it in a satchel and they consider a way out. They try leaping out of the window of the burning house, but  Duboir lands badly and injures his leg.  Peroux assumes any body of water might work, and so he quickly tries to think of the nearest body of water they can use. Silas warns them they are not alone in the room.  He tells them not to move.  The walls begin to show black tendrils that move as if searching. Peroux admits if they do not move, they will most likely die from the flames. Silas realizes he can draw the things to notice him instead.  Silas waves his hands as he walks and the tendrils begin to follow him.  "It has eyes... a hundred eyes in the darkness... Go! Go now!"  Peroux hurries out of the window, as the manor continues to burn.   He runs as fast as he can towards the overlooking cliffside.  Pendragon and Duboir try to follow, stumbling after Peroux, and pause only for a moment when they hear the death knell of Silas somewhere within the flames. The waves crash against the cliff below.  Peroux is ready to throw it over the edge when Pendragon sees him and is once more overcome by the darker personality. He hisses and snarls, asking if Peroux has any idea what will happen if the book is thrown into the water?  But then, Silas' voice begins to emerge from the water.  "Now William!  Give me the book!  It will be safe here in the waters!  Throw it to me!" But Pendragon warns the spirit in the water is a lie!  Silas tells William to trust him.  Pendragon snarls, "Let me have the curse!  Let it stop with me!" But Silas' voice suddenly screams from inside the burning manor, "Don't! It is a trick!" The ghost strains against the black tendrils as the book falls from Peroux' hand. Silas breaks free from the tendrils, then leaps at the last second to posses Pendragon.  Using his body, Silas leaps to grab the book mid air.  And in that last second, as Pendragon falls off the edge, Peroux grabs hold of Pendragon's collar and the daisy chain hangs over the cliff's edge.  Pendragon begins to regain control of his senses, and he can hear Silas in his mind, asking if it was him.  Silas begs him to allow Peroux to destroy the book... but warns him the water is a trick. The thing waits in the depths.  Silas begs them to trust him, and begs Pendragon to allow him absolute control. Pendragon, tries to resist, but Silas admits there are far more important things than
what he wants.  Silas takes full control. Pendragon-Silas flings the book back up the cliff, over Peroux and Duboir's heads and lands on the floor.  Duboir stares at the tome.

Duboir crawls over to the book.  He grabs it from the ground and they agree they need to take the book to the tunnels.  The place where it was first found.  Duboir holds the book in his hands, hysterical in fear, and tells them to bring it now. He insists he will carry the book and asks the others to carry him. The four make their way to the tunnels beneath the manor, ignoring as they burn.  The catacombs and winding tunnels continue to slop downwards.  The upper levels are wet, but the lower levels are drier.  Strange writings and marking on the walls glow as they pass with the tome in their possession.   In the main chamber, shells and calcified remnants decorate the walls, as well as other artifacts untouched by time.  An empty pedestal stands at the center of the room. Duboir points to it and tells them that is where the book should be.  He tries to get close to place the book upon it.  But suddenly the walls have shadows dancing.  The shadows move like tentacles, snaring Duboir in place to keep him from moving.

With the book on the pedestal, and Duboir snared by the shadows, Silas yells that the shadows won't let any of them leave.  Pendragon laughs that the master is awake now.  Peroux tries to free Duboir, but he struggles in vain.  Silas wonders if they should leave, or at least destroy the knowledge of its existence by staying here. Pendragon laughs it is too late! Duboir falls screaming as the shadows snap his bones in all directions.  He falls down like a broken doll.  Silas begs Peroux to keep the book trapped here.  Looking around, Peroux tries to find something to use.  Peroux wishes he had the courage to move.  Silas apologizes and tries to possess Peroux' body once more.  Peroux asks him where to find something explosive they can use, and Silas admits he knows where. With the younger man's body, the two are able to evade the shadows and escape the tomb, but knowing the truth about the book must remain with them, they hurry back out of the tunnels and find the dynamite that was originally used when the tunnels were first uncovered.  Carrying it back, they return to the room.  They set the dynamite and they trigger the explosives.  Pendragon howls no.  Silas howls yes.

The Aftermath

The dynamite buries them in the chamber.  Montgomery Pendragon feels control return to him as the rocks fall and crush his body.  But despite all this, he has this feeling that it is not all over. He feels black tendrils crawling into his brain and trapping him in another prison.  There is no escape.

As all of Marcus Duboir the IV's bones are broken and the black tendrils grip starts to loosen, he feels his son's body pressed warm against him.  Marcus smiles, feeling happy despite their doomed end, that they were somehow reunited despite all the events.

William Peroux  finds himself wishing they had never gone into this journey, but all in all he feels happy that they were able to stop this greater evil from breaking free and threatening the world.  It was the only choice.  William closes his eyes and knows it was the right one.

And with the darkness crushing them, ending their lives, Silas realizes as the darkness laughs that he was actually the first one who called it.  The thing is still there, with him.  Trapped with him.  Waiting for him to leave.  To guide him back outside.   Silas is to live a living hell for the rest of his unlife in the depths.

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