Thursday, June 15, 2017

FAQ: Let's Talk about Tagbites

So what are tagbites?
tagbites are one-shot role-playing game sessions that are open for players to try games which they probably have never tried playing before.  It isn't hard to find gaming options for Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness games, or even Legend of the Five Rings. But when it comes games like Ryuutama, 7th Sea, The Burning Wheel, Protocol Games, and more, finding options can be much trickier. So we've decided to offer tagbites as an additional way to try these awesome games.

Who can join tagbites sessions?
Anyone! Given we're doing this purely out of our love for gaming and our desire for people to explore more game worlds, we're running tagbites sessions at our very home at BGC. This sadly means limited seats. Given the limited slots, we will have to take certain considerations on who we accept as players for certain games - such as give those who haven't played a system priority over those who have played it before.

Players who wish to play with specific friends or as a group best attempt to grab slots with the group clearly defined so we can see what accommodations or adjustments may be necessary to make it work.

Free? Are you serious?
Well, there probably is the cost of paying for snacks and stuff if you choose to have food delivered while we play.  There's parking costs and gasoline if you traveled by car to get to our place. But for the game itself? Yes, it is free. We're all here to have fun and we want to help bring down the barrier that may stop others from being able to explore more game systems.  We want you to have a richer gaming life at absolute minimum risk.

How often are tagbites events? How long do they run?
We're hoping to have monthly tagbites sessions to see if we can offer more gaming options to more people.  Some months may even have two sessions instead of one!

A game session usually lasts around 3 to 4 hours long, depending on the game system being used.   Some games may last longer, but these will all be dependent on what's comfortable with the players and what we can manage.

How much do I need to know to play in a session?

Familiarity with role-playing games helps but is not required. tagbites sessions can be tailored for complete beginners (like if you wanted to get your significant other to try a role-playing game) or for those who have tried other systems before and simply want to try a new one. What's more important is the willingness and open-mindedness to try something different and the desire to have fun with everyone present in the game session.

How do I join a session?
We will be posting announcements on this blog as well as on Facebook (as well as in appropriate groups) the possible game offerings for a month, with the target date mentioned in the post. Interested players can simply post a comment on the thread/s of interest to play in the game.  We will then reach out to the probable players if they can commit to the said game schedule. If all goes well, you will then simply have to show up on the scheduled session and enjoy the game!

What happens if I fail to show up to a session?To be fair to everyone else who might have wanted to have played in that slot, players who fail to attend a confirmed session will then be given less priority for the next few games they might be interested in. This isn't to be cruel or spiteful. This is just to discourage absences which may affect everyone else's enjoyment of the game.

This is insanely generous of you.
That is not a question. And hey, we just want to share the joy of gaming!

What if I wanted to support this initiative?
You can help spread news of our updates when they are online. Word of mouth is always good. You can also show your support by purchasing the games you've tried playing in a tagbites session. A huge barrier to sales for most is not knowing how to play a game, so hopefully the session interested you in enough to show your gratitude to the game's author. Lastly, there's always supporting us via buying a product or by Patreon.

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