Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Congratulations to the Indie Groundbreaker Awards winners for 2017!

The winners have been announced!

Best Art goes to Fellowship.
Best Setting goes to Warbirds.
Best Rules goes to Masks: A New Generation.
    With my game, A Single Moment, as a runner-up!
Most Innovative goes to The Beast .
    With my friend Josh Jordan's Short Film as a runner-up!
Game of the Year goes to Seven Wonders.

I'm very thankful and happy to know A Single Moment was recognized and to be frank, it is a honor to lose to Masks.  That game is incredible!  I was hoping to have a celebratory discount for A Single Moment however I cannot seem to log in to my DrivethruRPG account right now due to password issues and sadly the customer service contact is at Gen Con and has an autoreply message stating concerns will have to wait til some time later.

Thank you again!  This lone game designer from the Philippines truly appreciates the recognition and let's all make even more games!

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