Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ten More Playsets - A Supplement for A Single Moment

Ten More Playsets introduces ten new settings/genres for your A Single Moment games.

  • Creation Gods who seek to determine the fate of Creation itself.
  • Gladiators Warriors seeking Glory and Freedom.
  • Mecha Aces
    Pilots determined to find Victory.
  • Photographer
    The eye for the Story. The grit for the Scoop.
  • Starship Captains
    A worthy enterprise. An unexpected discovery.
  • Such Spies
    Rival intelligence agents.
  • Professional Wrestling For the belt. For the Title.
  • Opposing Politics
    Political battles for power and greed.
  • Wuxia Warriors Heroes seeking enlightenment and peace.
And a tenth new setting that introduces a different way to play A Single Moment,
  • Detective Stories
    Will the Killer or the Detective win this battle of wits and intelligence?

A supplement for A SINGLE MOMENT
Requires A SINGLE MOMENT rules to play

Written by Adrian Martinez and Tobie Abad
Published by Gallant Knight Games

Available at DrivethruRpg soon!

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