Friday, March 30, 2018

Update for March 2018

Been a very active month for us here at TAG Sessions. Let it be known it has been so hectic, I've neglected to update the blog fast enough.  However, I do hope you will agree with me that blog post delays are fine if it means more games and books being developed and tightened sooner.

Firstly, A Single Moment was the Deal for the Day at DriveThruRpg last March 25, 2018. The response was quite phenomenal and we are extremely grateful to you all for continuing to be very supportive of our revolutionary two-player role-playing game. In the works are another set of supplements for it, including a set inspired by Broadway Musicals, and a second set that teases a few more new systems for it (just as Ten More Playsets introduced the Detective Stories rules).

Second, the Powered by the Apocalypse Wuxia game is now going through Beta testing. Currently, it is to be called Once Upon a time in Jianghu, which is going to be proudly released with the fantastic support of Gallant Knight Games. Over thirty people have tested the game so far and bit by bit we're getting their feedback on how to make the game system easier and clearer, how to make the setting more evocative, and how to make the game experience more awesome. The game is quite a big project for us, with the Beta document itself being over 39k words. But so far, the responses have been very exciting and I do hope this means the game will find its release within the second or third quarter of this year.

Third, my Studio Ghibli inspired solitaire RPG, Cat's Dream is now approaching its official release. With gorgeous evocative artwork by the amazing Ivan Frani (whose work also graced another book of mine, Sickening Queens), the game is an expanded version of a free game I posted online in this blog before. This book will have expanded tables for more adventures, as well as optional rules for group play in case you want to play it with your friends, or if you have any parents who want to play this with your kids. A glimpse of the concept cover (which may still be subject to changes) is here and I do hope you like it.

Then, there's the Vampire novella I'm working on for the Storyteller's Vault. The short novel series will be stories of vampire events set in the Philippines to serve as an introductory taste of the upcoming Philippines: Contested Isles supplement.

All in all, we're at full swing developing and writing stuff for you all to enjoy!  Still also in the works are A Second Moment and Dreamscrapers, both of which are slated for deeper development later this year (as we realized both need some more in depth investigation and editing of ideas to work sharper). But rest assured, TAG Sessions is alive and well with lots of stuff in the pipeline.

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