Saturday, March 28, 2015

wideawake ep0 : Bliss Stage

Starting a Bliss Stage mini-chronicle with Marc, Meloy, Che and Rocky.  We're tremendously excited to get started and we've already begun world-building and mapping out the characters we are to play.  For our game, I decided to create two sheets to help facilitate play better.

The first is the GM Mission sheet, which easily allows the players to see later where the Fate dice can be assigned to see how a mission unfolds.

The second is the character sheet, with areas for each character (Pilot, Anchor and Support cast) as well as a nice area to assign Relationships to your ANIMa.  There are areas for the Trust, the Stress, and the Intimacy rating.    At the bottom, I've also included a Terror and Trauma meter, and the players will be using tokens to mark their ratings.

Here's hoping the game goes well!
For the PDFs, visit The Garapata Repository.

EDIT: Revised the GM sheet when Ben corrected me that blanks should give 0 Bliss! Thanks Ben.

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