Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Danger 5 Fortune and Glory fan project

I will confess.  I truly love Danger 5's gonzo wackiness and while Season 2 has taken a whole new creative direction, my love for the first season of the show demanded I express it somehow.  So here are the creations born from that admiration.  May I present to you all new Heroes you can use in your Fortune and Glory games inspired by the main cast of Danger 5!

Thankfully the reception of these creations has been pretty positive.  All I need to do now is learn how to post them on Board Game Geek so others can actually print them out and play using them.  I doubt they're properly balanced, given this is just a fan moment 24 hours in the making, but I do like what my partner and I came up with to represent the group.

And yes, maybe if there is enough response, we might just do this guy too:

"But Tobie, Colonel Chestbridge isn't part of-"

Now where was I?  Yes, here you go!  Share them and hope you guys like them,

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