Monday, February 25, 2019

2019 Feb Tagbites: Curse of the Yellow Sign - Act 3

A huge thank you to Titus and his friends for enjoying a TAG Bites session this February 2019. This session was Act 3 of The Curse of the Yellow Sign, which completes their journey through John Wick's Curse of the Yellow Sign Collected three-act adventure which uses the BRP (Basic Roleplaying).

In this game, the group were passengers in the Archimedes 7 Colony Ship which encountered some form of radioactive field that disrupted its many functions and awoke some of the passengers too early. This was a five-hour one shot session with six players. I am extremely grateful that the players were all very appreciative and happy with how the game turned out. Of the six, there were only two clear deaths (one from a selfish plan to stay alive, while the other in a suicidal bid to save the rest) while the remaining four may have condemned themselves to a slow and horrific death in order to save the world and take the terrible smiling god away from ever hurting anyone ever again.

The game had a lot of drama, a good dose of laughs, and a deep and intimate honesty in touching fear, anger, and despair.  Thank you, John Wick, for creating such an amazing game.   

Again, thank you to my wonderful players (clockwise from left): Titus, CJ, Lorenzo, Hannah, Reyo, and Sophia.  You were all amazing fantastic players.

Til the next TAG Bites, thank you and keep playing!

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