Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Continuing my 12 New Games Self-Challenge

Slowly continuing my journey through this year's 12 New Games Each Year.

The games I have played or run so far include:
1) Bubblegumshoe
2) Headspace
3) Cold Shadows
4) Praxis: King of Storms

Cold Shadows was quite a wonderful session. The group was a nice mix of players as each contributed to the growing narrative in their own unique ways. For the game, I drew inspiration from Matt Kindt's amazing Mind MGMT comics, which mixed spycraft with human-centric stories and weird science.

Praxis: King of Storms on the other hand was an interesting mix of magic, drama, and humor. We really enjoyed setting the game in the modern ages instead of its usual fantasy setting, and that gave it a powerful relatable vibe. The game started to remind many of us in the game of American Gods. The group is already hoping for a chance to go through all five Black Monk books by jim pinto.

At work, we're looking at the possibilities of getting games moving again. More so with the new employees who have joined us.  I'm tempted to try setting a session of The Sword, the Crown, and the Unspeakable Power or two for the group. Or perhaps get people to try Prince Valiant, or even Tiny Wasteland.  An officemate, however, is a huge Battletech fan, and the idea of running that old classic is oddly tempting. The opportunities are nearly endless.

Very happy also with these dice. If only shipping them overseas wasn't such a pain. They were definitely dice that fit perfectly with the Praxis game we played.

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