Sunday, June 9, 2019

2019 12 New Games Challenge Continues

Despite all the challenges and emotional rollercoasters this year has thrown as me, I am determined to keep moving forward and staying productive.  Thankfully, the local and international community continues to remain tremendously supportive and critically discerning.

For 2019's list of 12 New Games Each Year, I am currently on the halfway mark.
1) Bubblegumshoe
2) Headspace
3) Cold Shadows
4) Praxis: King of Storms
5) Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game
6) The Sword, The Crown, and the Unspeakable Power

Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game
Inspired by the comics (of course), we had a one shot session of the actual Mouse Guard tabletop rpg system. While I ran a Mouse Guard inspired game in the past, when one of our scheduled Pendragon sessions got cancelled due to real life concerns, I embraced it instead as an opportunity to add to my 12 list and to introduce a new game to my group. Mouse Guard has an elegant system which uses the Burning Wheel system. We had a fantastic tale of heroism, bravery, and sacrifice, as the mice discovered breaks in the Scent Line and found themselves stalked by a vicious Owl.   I remain extremely thankful to have Adrian, Jonette, Flip, and Rocky in that one shot game.

Grab the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game.

The Sword, The Crown, and the Unspeakable Power
When Titus asked me for a one-shot session for his family, I had to check with them on what sort of game they'd love to explore this time.  Their group has been a  fan of the TAG Bites sessions, and I honestly remain extremely grateful of their trust and support.  For this session, Titus was hoping to try a dark fantasy type of game system so he can run his family Game of Thrones kind of stories. I decided to let them explore The SCUP.  Even better, Titus had never tried a game that was Powered by the Apocalypse before. His group had the joys of being introduced to jim pinto games quite early (and in many TAG Bites sessions, they wanted to try more and more of his Praxis games)  so this was a perfect chance to run them something new, and try running something new for me too. This game had Titus Villanueva, Sophia Lei Martinez, Bianca Villanueva and Rocky Sunico.  And it was definitely a powerful story with just the right amounts of humor and romance.

Grab a copy of The Sword, The Crown, and the Unspeakable Power.

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