Friday, May 1, 2020

12 New Games for 2020 moving very slowly

The plans to play 12 new games this year so far have been moving quite slowly, with the challenges of the lockdown and the emotional rollercoasters that I am going through.

1) Praxis: Black Sun - Sunrise End
2) Protocol: Dinner Guests
3) Protocol: Chebyshev Function
4) Maze Rats

Considering its now May, that's a very slow start for my personal 12 New Games challenge this year.  I'm hoping to hit a few new systems this month, no matter how hard it can feel to be in the mood. This darned lockdown really has its emotional toll on me. More so given everything else that has happened. I'm not quite in the place to talk or blog about it yet. But someday, I will be.

Anyway, hoping you all are doing okay.


  1. Hi Tobie. Really enjoying your game Cats Dream. Please do right the advanced rules. Here’s my last game. Hope you can read my writing. Thanks!

    1. Oh wow! Thank you so much for playing Cat's Dream! I'll push myself to work on that Advanced Rules book. The lockdown is making things hard, but I am very happy to know you enjoyed the game.

      Thank you so much too for sharing your story! I really enjoyed reading it as well. I could visualize the events too! You write so well. Hope you always enjoy playing the game and I do hope you also try the Darker World stories too!

      Thank you again!

    2. Sorry lockdown is hard for you. I hope it resolves in your country soon. I will try the darker version. Best of health to you and those you love.


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