Sunday, June 28, 2020

And the IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Awards 2020 Nominees are in!

Cat's Dream has just garnered two Nominations:


Tremendously proud and happy for Ivan Frani, my amazing friend and artist who helped capture the desired look, energy, and emotions on each piece for the game.  Congratulations, Ivan!
You can check out more of his work and contact him here:

Special thanks as well to Jovan who was the reason I wrote the game in the first place.  The story behind the game's creation can be found in the book itself.  Thank you!

Congratulations and cheers to all the other nominees as well! I can see a lot of familiar names and faces among the games and I am very proud to see so many awesome games listed there.

From the site:
The Indie Groundbreaker Awards, while presented by the IGDN, are meant to recognize all indie designers across the industry. Therefore, our judging panel will be made up of five judges, 2 from within the IGDN and 3 from the greater industry. These judges will provide an unbiased group decision, as games they have worked on will not be eligible for submission this year.
Winners are announced at the IGDN Social held at Gen Con in Indianapolis each year. Given the COVID-19 Pandemic, in 2020, we’ll be holding our first online ceremony on July 29th, 2020!

See all the Nominees here:

And check out the game today:

IGDN Social 2020 Online.png

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