Saturday, July 18, 2020

Eldritch High Session!

Just finished a one-shot awesome session of Eldritch High!

1) Praxis: Black Sun - Sunrise End

2) Protocol: Dinner Guests
3) Protocol: Chebyshev Function
4) Maze Rats
5) Dreams of the Aquarium
6) Trinity Continuum
7) Eldritch High
That makes it game seven of my target 12 new games for this year.  Our usual Pendragon was rescheduled, which gave birth to this opportunity to introduce a new game system to players who never tried it before, me included.  That system is John Wick's Eldritch High, which has just enough a good feel between Harry Potter and Magicians to be a game that tickled our fancy.

Urim, Brendan, and Rocky played the roles of new students who just got accepted to the Alexander Circe Academy, after having their own strange brushes with the supernatural.  The game had them uncover the creation of a false demon, Conjured by a young student who didn't quite understand the power he possessed.  And the students finding an enchanted valley hidden from mortal eyes.  As they escape the school Headmaster, they deal with the mysterious ward on their schoolmate's back and find the best way to destroy the fear creation.

Thank you for playing!

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