Sunday, January 24, 2021

2021 is going well so far

Despite the bad days when certain trauma rear their ugly head, thankfully, 2021 has been a kind year so far. From news of one of my games being part of a different compilation, to getting more words down on some upcoming games, I'm happy to share that TAG Sessions continues to work on stuff which we hope others will enjoy.

One such example is MODELS. Currently at around 55k words, the supermodel superspy game is hoping to see a February release date. I'm trying to work on it every other day, typing down at least 1,000 words each time I get my hands on it. Some older projects such as Once Upon a Time in Jianghu and A Second Moment are currently going through major rewrites. As much as I actually already finished them some time back, seeing them right now again brings back harsh memories. And so, I find myself needing to at least rework them to some extent so they feel like fresh new projects again. It doesn't make much sense, I know. But for my mental health, it seems to be helping. My younger-audience game, Dreamscrapers, is moving again. I think it helps that both Dreamscrapers and MODELS have a very light mood to them. Both help me focus on the positive side of the gaming industry.
In other news, got started on this year's 12 New Games Per Year Challenge. For those who have been following my blog, I started the promise ever since I realized each game offers so many wonderful experiences that were written specifically to create those moments. And so, from a "World of Darkness games are the best and only system you need to learn" mindset, I grew up and saw the beauty of every game people design.

12 New Games for 2021
1) Night's Black Agent's The Dracula Dossier

So far, this 2021, we've started a new campaign.  We've decided to talk the plunge and play a full campaign of Night's Black Agent's The Dracula Dossier which in many ways offers so many awesome new ideas for play different from a standard Night's Black Agent's game.  I'm even amused how it has echoes of what I've been mapping out for both MODELS and Dreamscrapers from years ago. 

But there, January has one new game entry!  And here's hoping the rest of 2021 will be filled with more game experiences.  Some targets I hope to run and play include:
a) Tiny Cthulhu
b) Thousand Year Old Vampire
c) The Expanse RPG
d) Star Trek RPG
e) Werewolf the Savage Age
f) Vampire the Classical Age
g) Invisible Sun

I wonder where I can find players willing to try them.

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