Saturday, November 4, 2023

One of Us Will Die: In Nomine Filii

A good friend of mine, Titus, has finally taken the plunge and CREATED HIS OWN RPG!!!! The game is called, One of Us Will Die, and you can learn more about it here:

In brief, the game is designed as a one-shot, zero-prep game with people playing various archetypes.  But in each game, one of the player characters is the Mark, a person who is destined to die in the story. And one of the other characters MIGHT be the Traitor, who hopes to kill the Mark before the story ends.   

The game is an incredible mix of great ideas and draws huge inspiration from games like Praxis and a few other indie games.  I'm just super proud of my friend finally going for this as he has always been one of those friends whom I felt deeply had their own stories and game experiences to share. 

For this game, Titus had asked me to give him the chance to try playing his own game.  It is not an uncommon problem where a game you create is something you only experience as the one running it for others to try.  So this was quite an exciting thing for him too. To better give him the experience, I opted to create a wholly new scenario for him to play in, that way he too didn't know what to expect.  The scenario will never see the light of publication, which is for the best, really. But it explores folk horror set in the Philippines and has a bunch of former schoolmates gathering for a reunion after the loss of a mutual friend.

Tremendously happy to know it was well received. All the players had fun and boy did we make sure to use all the safety tools necessary to ensure we were all in a safe place. But I promise you all, the game is amazing and if you get a chance to back if (once it hits Kickstarter) or try it (when Titus offers more online and face-to-face sessions to try it), do it! 

And yes, this was also a game for my 12 New Games this 2023. And boy was sooooo worth it!


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