Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Seed: Book one of One World Jungle for Tiny Wastelands

The Wilds were always about survival. In a world where mankind was ended, every animal seeks to survive for the coming day. But not even the animals anticipated that a new predator would emerge in the absence of humanity: the Greed.

The Seed is suitable for three to five Animals. This campaign expects that the Animals are all familiar with each other and have reason to trust one another, despite being of different species. The simplest could be they’ve learned to trust in each other and jointly protect their shared territory. But when some of their Young discover the presence of the Greed, none could have anticipated this was just the beginning of a growing threat whose influence would be felt across generations.

This is a campaign written for Tiny Wastelands: The Wild micro-setting.
This is book one of three.
Created by Tobie Abad

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