Monday, May 27, 2013

Exalted 3rd edition and Rape.

MAJOR EDIT (May 28,2013):   Faith in Holden restored.
Here's a screen cap with the statement, as well as my comments.

I apologize for the bad formatting, but my response starts at the "Thank you.  That clears things up for me more" line.  I also included below other comments from him.

And the response to John really makes me see things clarified better.
Thank you Holden.  

(Previous post not deleted below for archival purposes)

This really bothers me.

I have no problems with exploring mature themes and dark issues in a game.
In fact, I've done that many times.  Very many times.

But this comment really bothers me.

So when rape happens, it was the victim's fault?  The victim gets seduced by a supernatural predator who can use sex to enslave him/her, and it is their fault for "allowing" themselves to think it was a good idea to sleep with that person?

Something is very wrong here.
Very wrong.

I really hope Holden clarifies this.  Because to be honest, I respect him and his ideas for the game.  But if this is the true personal view he has towards rape, then I am truly reconsidering if I want to financially help support someone who believes the victim is at fault in a rape scenario.
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