Friday, October 14, 2011

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Mayfair Games' DC Heroes

We had a Sunday free, so Mahar, Rocky and I set up a gaming night to try the long defunct D.C. Heroes (Mayfair Exponential Gaming System) session.  Supposedly a third player was joining us, but seemed to be unavailable on the night of the game itself.

With three players, what better way to fully appreciate the D.C. Heroes system than to play the BIG THREE. With Mahar taking the role of Wonder Woman, Rocky as Batman and the third guy who was going to be Superman, I decided to come up with a game which 1) got my favorite superhero team into the game 2) had them face off with an enemy which may seem insurmountable without being cliche.  3) allowed me to have a take on why a new DC Universe was about to happen.  By the time of the game, the new DC Universe, with the younged-up cast, the removal of all existing Crisis Events, and the reduction of the superhero history to a mere five years had not happened yet.  So in hopes of coming up with a cool reason why it will happen, I mapped out this story.

Superman at the JLA Tower is informed by Martian Manhunter of an incoming threat.  Superman flies off to investigate.  It is currently somewhere just past Pluto.  Wonder Woman is in Themiscrya and is dealing with her murder of Maxwell Lord.   She is playing out the fight over and over again with a training illusionary device from the Gods.  Batman is watching Wonder Woman, concerned and aware of her growing obsession over her own guilt.  Both Wonder Woman and Batman get the distress beacon and head to JLA tower as well, to learn of the incoming meteor the size of a city, that has accelerated its approach to Earth.  Not having a way to fly to it, Batman goes back to Earth to study how the nations that are aware of the planet secretly planning to deal with it.  Wonder Woman on the other hand tries to talk to the UN to warn them of it.

They uncover an alien plot observing the events, and soon learn that a smaller missle has been launched from the comet and is travelling faster towards Earth.  The alien plot claims they are observing the events because they are vital, but refuses to give any additional info.  When given a chance, the alien escapes through a strange shimmering doorway.

With Zatanna's magick, something Batman sorely struggles to accept after the events of Identity Crisis, Batman, Zatanna and Wonder Woman are magically brought to the "missle" and discover it is actually a man.  They confront him and learn his name is Apollo, the comet is their "Ship" and they were attacked by some alien thing.  The two decide to board the comet with Apollo and discover the attackers are the xenomorphs from aliens.  With the Shiftship having literally a small country of refugees, the aliens are fast empowering their ranks.  And it is only after Batman successfully re-engages the Engineer to active the defense systems of the Ship, and Wonder Woman finds herself in a one-on-one fight against the Alien Queen.  In the end, Superman has alien DNA in him, as the Queen successfully impregnated him with a facehugger.  Zatanna is forced to magically remove it, inadvertedly making him younger in the process.  Batman decides to focus on living life rather than lamenting his parents' death.  And Wonder Woman returns to her island, uncertain if her Gods ever helped her, unaware that they always have.

Definitely a fun game, although Mahar seemed to have trouble channeling Wonder Woman's sense of honor and charisma.  But man, I have to admit I loved revealing how The Authority was taken down by the xenomorphs.

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