Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weeping Blade Smile ep04 : The Legend of Wulin

Weeping Blade Smile
Episode Four


I am the Omnipotent Dreamer, Ching Eng.
My plans are falling into place.

The governor has been dealt with.
The wicked Bai-Yan has been cornered, with his closest ally eternally at rest, and his loyal Eagle distracted by the well-timed exposure.  And the Rabid Dogs have   His role as Magistrate protects him from death, but even the Emperor shall stay his hand if the corruption is made to reveal himself.

Yue Fan and Xu Rui find love in the desolation.
The fires are lit.
The eagles are scattered.

And the Beating Dog Stick has been given to the one who will best serve my prediction.

And now, the Hawk descends.
The Wolf hunts for the Needle.
The Ravens are gathering.
All I need to do now is to...


The Perceptive Dragon or the Crimson Fox.
Both remain islands upon this archipelago of relations.

Where should my ship take port?

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