Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Submitting to Indie Mixtape Vol. 3: New Hotness

My friend Josh posted about this and I realized I should try joining this year.  I've always been dying to join a Game Chef contest or something like that, and I thought this would be a good way to test the waters.

What is Indie Mixtape you say?

Here's the post from
Call for Games - Indie Mixtape Vol. 3: New Hotness
Building on the success of Indie Mixtape Vol. 1 and Indie Mixtape Vol. 2, I'm organizing a third charity anthology of short games based on songs you might put on a mixtape. Here's the deets!
The theme for this mixtape anthology will be "songs that turn you on." Pick a song that evokes such feelings for you (however you define them), and write a short analog game inspired by it, preferably one that fits on 2 pages (that's a recommendation, not a strict limit; if it's a bit longer or requires some extra materials to play, that's okay). Please try to playtest your game at least once, if you can, but don't let that stop you from submitting. It's fine to submit whatever PDF you can manage to pull together, but if you want some assistance with layout, we have volunteers standing by to help. If you end up designing something that needs a different file type, it's probably fine, just let me know.
Let's aim for Sunday, February 8 as the deadline for submissions, with the aim of getting the anthology out in time for Valentine's Day (the weekend after). The deadline isn't completely inflexible and the release might end up drifting to later in the month, but let's still try to aim to get things in on time. You can email submissions to me at "jaywalt" at the email service run by Google.
You retain all rights to your submitted game and are welcome to do anything you want with it, including releasing it yourself at any point in the future. I am just asking for the rights to include your game in this charity anthology. If something comes up later and you want me to pull your game from the Indie Mixtape, that's fine; just let me know.
EDIT: If you want to me to include your game under a pseudonym, for any reason (avoiding internet harassment, don't want co-workers to find it, etc.), that's totally fine.
The anthology will eventually be sold through RPGnow/DriveThru, with all proceeds going to help folks in the indie games community who are facing steep bills due to medical treatment and other situations. I will report these proceeds transparently and distribute them on at least a quarterly basis. If we ultimately end up selling the anthology in a different format, I will consult with contributors first.
I reserve the right to not include any game for any reason, but I am happy to explain my reasoning for doing so and don't expect this to necessarily be an issue, even for a topic as sexy as this one. If you have any questions or concerns, I'm happy to chat about your submission. 
Feel free to ask questions below or reshare this post to your game design circles!
(If this theme doesn't really work for you, no worries; I have plans to do other anthologies this year on radically different themes. The next one might be about religion.)?

Here's hoping my entry will be well received.

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