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The Indigo Hotel : Fiasco

The Indigo Hotel

So at Indigo-Entertainment, a bunch of us decided to try Fiasco for the first time.  Of the four of us, two had seen the Table Top Episode featuring the game and have been anxious to try it for ourselves.  The two others have never even heard of it.    After a quick run through on how the game will go, we decided to try to come up with a setting for our Fiasco.  While I personally was anxious to play, I realized we could not just use the existing Playsets of the game given the group wasn't composed of players who even saw movies like Fargo or Burn After Reading.  But in the end, the group decided to go for having a Hotel as the key location of the game, and all of us were somehow connected to the hotel.  (We didn't realize there really is an Indigo Hotel out there!  HEhehehhe!)

We rolled up sixteen dice (the game called for four dice per player) and started working out our Relationships, Needs, Objects and Locations.  We ended up using the playsets of both Boomtown and Suburban Community to shape our game.
Must find Black and White six-sided dice for Future Fiasco Games.

I was:  Mister Charles, owner of The Indigo Hotel
Relationship with Bradd:  Work:Boss and Employee.  Bradd worked for me.
Relationship with Officer Ryan:   Crime: Crime Figure and Wanna-be.  We decided Ryan and I were criminally related some-how.
Relationship with Bazooka: Work: She brought clients to my hotel, and I got a cut.
Mister Charles' NEED toward Officer Ryan was to get away with murder.  With the Officer having killed his Mail-Order Bride, Rebeka, in my hotel, we had to cover it up and find someone else to blame.

JP was: Bazooka, stripper with a heart for love.
Relationship with Brad:  Former Lovers:  She still was deeply in love with him, although he only used her for money.
Relationship with Officer Ryan:  He was her parole officer and had arrested her multiple times before.
Bazooka's NEED towards Officer Ryan was to get even with him.   He had been picking on her too much.

Bon was:  Bradd, Quiet Immigrant Worker
Relationship with Officer Ryan:  He and the officer shared secrets with each other.
Brad's NEED was to get the truth from Mister Charles.  What that truth was, we were to find out.
Brad's NEED towards Officer Ryan was to get even.  That's when  we realized Officer Ryan's Mail Order Bride was Brad's real sweetheart.
Brad's NEED towards Bazooka was to get rich, through violence if need be.  Hence, he used her for her money.

U was: Officer Ryan, crass Police Deputy who had a Mail-Order Bride Rebeka.
Officer Ryan had a NEED to get even, although we were uncertain at the start in what way.
(While it looks like he didn't have any Needs and the like, he actually suggested many of those relating to him, so he was fine with that.)

For Locations, we rolled up the Billiard's Room which became Bazooka's special place to meet with Bradd, the Hotel Lobby where many of the events would unfold, and the Special Suite where Officer Ryan had reserved for him and Rebeka to stay in that night.

For Objects, we rolled up a Love Letter, which was Rebeka's love letter for Bradd, that Officer Ryan finds and drives him to murder, and a Pure Breed Persian Cat which admittedly we totally forget to figure into the plot!
Meow.  They forgot I was supposed to be in the story!

For Act One,  the scene opens with Mister Charles and Officer Ryan discussing how to deal with the dead body.  The Love Letter is found, and Officer Ryan ponders on who this "Bradd" happens to be.  Mister Charles, however, is more concerned about hiding the crime and asks Officer Ryan to leave and come back later to "investigate the discovered murder."  

Mister Charles then has a scene with Bradd as Bradd "discovers" the dead body.  To Mister Charles' surprise, Bradd's reaction is that of recognizing the body!  Charles realizes his employee is the same Bradd that Rebeka was in love with.  He begins to concoct a plan to peg the crime on Bradd, as he tells him to clean up the room (for his prints and the like to be present).

We then cut to a new scene as Officer Ryan has a scene outside the Hotel, on the day the body is found, where he encounters Bazooka approaching the Hotel.  He harasses her out of spite and she notices the scratches on his arms (from the struggle with Rebeka).  He manhandles her to leave and warns her not to show her face at The Indigo Hotel again.

Then Bazooka has a scene with Mister Charles, as we flashback to how they first mapped out their business relationship.  Mister Charles catches her soliciting from hotel guests, but offers her instead a deal:  Give him a cut and she can get whatever clients she can.  They meet in the Billiard Room, which eventually is where Bazooka first sees Bradd.

A next scene is the day after the body is found, with Mister Charles having a meeting with Bradd.  During the meeting, Charles vocally allows everyone to hear about how he felt "threatened" by Bradd, citing a temper that seems dangerous.  He accuses him of physically hurting his last girlfriend and when Bradd exists the room, he feels the eyes of everyone staring at him as if he had done something horrible.

Bradd then has a scene with Bazooka as they enjoy time in the Suite.  The scene was a few days earlier, just as Bradd decides to finally break up with Zuki (as he calls her).  She doesn't quite get why but Bradd confesses to loving someone else.

By the end of the First Act, Bradd get's terribly beaten up after he is arrested by Officer Ryan and questioned.  Zuki gets beaten up then shot for interfering.  And Mister Charles finds Zuki bleeding at the back of his hotel only to realize how much he loves her.

Then the Tilt happens.  We decided to have four Tilts to figure into the plot and we get the following:
Sudden Reversal, Someone Panics, Failure: Something Taken Care Of isn't Taken Care Of yet, and Love Rears Its Ugly Head.

Events in Act Two Include:

Sudden Reversal:  Zuki survives her beating and the shot, and asks Mister Charles to bring her to Officer Ryan's office.  They take Mister Charles' car.

Failure:  Bradd and Officer Ryan have their arguments as Ryan know realizes Bradd is the man whom his mail-order bride was hoping to escape to.  Bradd however, succeeds in taking the gun from Officer Ryan and shoots him instead.  The gun is dropped and Bradd tries to recover from his wounds.

Someone Panicks:   Bradd is then shot by Zuki, who picks up the gun on the floor.  After taking revenge for him breaking her heart, she panics when she hears a sound and fires.

Love Rears Its Ugly Head:  Mister Charles is shot in the chest.  He had stepped in, hoping to see if Zuki was alright.  Now he drops, dying as well.

Our Fiasco Table, hehehe
With that, we rolled the final dice and as it turns out, only Bazooka has a lighter ending.  Bradd dies, realizing all could have been better if he never left his original homeland.  Mister Charles dies wishing he had admitted his feelings sooner.  Officer Ryan dies recalling the day he was happiest, which was when he showed a drinking buddy (Bradd) the picture of the woman he was to marry.   And Bazooka takes Mister Charles' car to drive off, but eventually is stopped by State Policemen after news of the murders break out, and is arrested as the prime suspect.

Definitely, it was a Fiasco.
One so bad... it was great!

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