Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Advanced Doll... first draft sent in

So this...

So this is the feeling of creative panic.  Of worrying that people will be disappointed.  Of fearing that your work will be seen as inept.

Just finished the first draft for Advanced Doll.  Admittedly, Josh Jordan asked me to come up with a four-page expansion for this game, and I think my brain just went overboard.  I've toyed with the idea of splitting thing into two supplements:  Advanced Doll and Experienced Doll.

I wonder if the work will be received well.  I wonder if these people will also remember my name when I finally get around to posting my own work for a campaign.  Gosh.  Mixed feelings.  Mostly positive.  Some practically self-destructive.

Here's hoping he likes it.

The Kickstarter has taken huge leaps forward.
I am absolutely floored.

Here's hoping it goes all the way to the 3k mark.
Make it so, people.

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