Thursday, September 19, 2013

Featured: Josh Jordan's interview on BS! Radio

Josh Jordan, awesome creator of Heroine and Doll gets interviewed and even more awesome has John Wick as the special guest interviewer.    Yes, Josh, I am ABSOLUTELY envious.  In so many ways!
"You made a damn fine game."  Now that is a true compliment.  You really did.

Check it out here:

Come on and support the Kickstarter! It is not too late!

And on a personal level, I must say..

At the 21:40 mark. Oh my god. I was mentioned.   I guess Josh really liked the Girl Elsewhere contribution I wrote.  Admittedly I still am in disbelief over that.  Hoooomaygawd.   


Josh Jordan just gave a shout out to John Wick from me.
And John Wick just replied, "I'm sorry you're not here, Tobie."

Me <-- fanboying much.
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