Friday, January 10, 2014

Demon The Descent brings back my Sidereal love

Had a one-shot game with some friends last night and we played Demon the Descent using the Quick Start characters and the Do Over room from the God Machine Chronicles book as the jumping point of the story.  Some reflections I felt I wanted to share from running the game.

The Classic Is Now Part of the New
When Exalted first teased its coming, there was a lot of talk about it being "Before the World of Darkness."

Before the Impergium before the Mythic Ages before the Sundering before there was a World of Darkness there was something else. And now it is revealed, at last. Come adventure in the Second Age of the World, the fantastic world of the Exalted.

The forums were afire with all these opposing views on whether or not it was a good thing to have a game supposedly set before the world became the World of Darkness.    Later books seemed to support things further when players saw parallels between Solars and Hunters, Lunars and the Garou, Abyssals and the vampires and so on and so forth.  Characters like the archer Yi from Demon Hunter X resonated greatly with the concept of the epic archers of the Exalted game.  A huge key to the concept of its connecting was the Sidereals book which spoke of them seeing the fate of the world falling into one of Darkness if the Solars were allowed to maintain their rule.

Now, the game seems to come full circle, as Demon the Descent seems to resonate a lot of how the Sidereals were written to work as.

Sidereals were the super spies of fate in the Exalted game, using Resplendent Destinies to conceal their identities and being forced to remain consistent with these identities at the risk of garnering paradox for breaking out of the roles they were playing.  They had abilities to Duck Fate and rewrite events to show the were "never really there" and the like.  They were agents of change and destiny that served the Maidens and the Loom of Fate which governed the destinies of every thing on Creation.

Fast forward to today, the Unchained as they are called are fallen angels of the Machine God.  They embrace Cover, human identities which become more "real" as they are more developed, but are compromised when they fail to live up to who the cover personalities should be.  They have embeds and exploits to ensure they were "Never Here" in scenarios that head south of their plans, and while they no longer serve the Machine God, there's no denying they relate to a massive entity or force that can be argued to have grand designs and "programming" set upon every thing in the world.

The old is new again.

If Exalted lead to the World of Darkness, and the World of Darkness ended for a new World of Darkness to be born, this new World of Darkness is now coming to a nice book-end point where the Unchained of Demon the Descent resonate the Sidereals of the old.

I know, I know, it isn't anything concrete.  It probably wasn't even intentional.
But the World of Darkness Storyteller in me is enjoying a lot the parallels and relishing the idea that everything in the game line is one connected complex timeline.

And it is bringing back a lot of the love I have for all those games.

Now if it is intentional...
Man, I'm even more excited!

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