Friday, January 10, 2014

In development: mem:RE - 2nd glimpse

mem:RE - 2nd glimpse
As I mentioned last year, one of the games I'm working on is mem:RE a real-time super spy game where what you can do is as flexible as what you can recall.  Here's a bigger glimpse on the coming system for that game.

Each player is an Agent.
Each game session is called the Mission.
Very rarely will a Mission last more than a single session.  This is because all missions will run in real time.

The Mission can run from one to three hours.  It runs in real time.  At the end of the time period, if the Agents have not succeeded in the Mission, the Mission is Aborted and they are Reformatted.

Each Agent starts a Mission by gaining access to the Mission Parameters.

Cards are drawn to create the Mission Parameters for the current mission.

Mission Parameters include:  
1) Who or What is the Target.

2) Location is a secondary concern, as all Mission begin in the necessary Location.
A location may, however, have secondary locations.

3) Missions have a Goal, which range from Rescue, to Termination, to Retrieval, to Espionage.

4) Mission may have a Kill Clause, which when triggered automatically Reformat all active Agents.

Once the Parameters are drawn, they are displayed for all Agents to read.   The cards are then TURNED FACE DOWN, and all Agents undergo Formatting.

Agents have the following Stats:
Used in handling any actions requiring physical exertion.

Used in handling any situations requiring social graces and intimidation.

Used in handling any actions where a ranged weapon is in play.

Used to handle piloting, driving or manipulating the systems of a vehicle.

Used in handling any actions which are meant to not be noticed.

Used to handle any actions requiring intrusion whether physical or electronic in means.

They also have the following Short Term Memories:
Loyalty, Agent Name (This allows you to give the said player a +1 to one roll during the Mission.  You can do this up the a number of times equal to the Loyalty rating)
Mission Parameter, Target
Mission Parameter, Secondary Concern
Mission Parameter, Goal
Mission Parameter, Kill Clause

At the start of the game, Agents are Formatted. They allocate all dots to their Stats and Short Term Memories as they want.

Having a Memory Dot in an appropriate Stat gives you a die to roll when using the said stat.  You can have up to three dots in a Stat.
Having a Memory Dot in an appropriate Short Term Memory allows you to peek at the respective Mission Parameter card once during the Mission.  You can have up to three dots in a Short Term Memory.

Loyalty will be explained in the future.

As mentioned, this Mission runs in real time. And memory can be a bitch.

Every Agent, when they need to, can activate a special function called mem:RE which works by pressing their left thumb against the wrist of the right arm.    When mem:RE is activated, the Agent can reallocate the dots he had earlier set, allowing every Agent to modify and adjust themselves to better fit a situation.

However, mem:RE is not a foolproof system.
Each time mem:RE is engaged, the player rolls dice equal to the number of dots that have become newly gained stats.  Every die that comes out a one is at the risk of being lost.  An Agent can lose only as many Ones as he had used mem:RE times in a mission (so the more often the function is used, the bigger the amount of possible lost Memory Dots).  Abuse the function too much and you might just fail to recall what you're supposed to do.


Sounds interesting yet?
I hope so.  I am targeting to release this game either via Kickstarter or as my first independent release on Drive Thru RPG this year.  Hope you guys will support it.

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