Tuesday, December 23, 2014

And that's Twelve

I did it again!  Twelve new games in one year.  Thanks to my partner, Rocky, and to awesome friends, I was able to complete my goal of trying (whether it be playing in or running) twelve different games that I haven't tried before.

The list is as follows:
1) Demon the Descent
2) Spirit of the Century
3) Tremulus
4) Wicked Heroes
5) Storium games
6) Fiasco : The Search for the Golden Panda playkit
7) The Letter: Fiasco Medici playkit
8) Dresden Files
9) Doctor Who : Adventure in Time and Space
10) Cthulhutech
11) Mouse World

12) The Aether Sea

(As of this writing, I haven't gotten around to writing the summary for The Aether Sea)  If I'm lucky, 2015 will also be just as successful with Exalted 3rd edition and maybe a few other new editions of old time favorites (such as Wraith 20E, Changeling 20E and more!)

But definitely looking forward to an awesome coming year, such as Meg and Vincent's upcoming Dark Ages game, hopefully the release as well of The Sound of Water, and who knows, just maybe something I contributed that will be part of the legendary Mark Rein-Hagen's upcoming game, I Am Zombie.

Cheers to gaming!

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