Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Gifts for Pinoy Gamers - Part II : Game Shops

So distance and time are proving to be hindrances to spending time with your geek friend and you still want to find a way to give a Christmas gift somehow?  Then maybe the powers of the internet can help you out. While most gaming cafes and shops do allow you to buy great gift options, let's face it.  Sometimes you just do not have the freedom to visit the shops in Greenhills or SM to get the gift you want to.  Thankfully, we have more options now to give our geek friends the gift we really want to.

Online Shopping With Delivery Options/Or Reservations
Find the perfect gift for your friend by visiting any of these online options and having the gift delivered.   Abubot.ph is a young yet growing source for fun geeky items and gamer needs.  In fact, among the many dice options out here in Manila, Abubot.ph has risen to be the most price competitive in sourcing these including the very popular and hard to find 30-sided dice!

The site stocks everything from board games, to toys, to collectibles and even home, electronics and beauty items and allows multiple ways to pay for the merchandise.   So even if you are not sure what to get your friend yet, dive in and see what cool stuff you will find that would be a perfect gift.

For more board game and related needs, however, you cannot go wrong with The Gaming Library, with a huge selection to choose from.  I haven't tried using the service to purchase and have something delivered to someone else, though, since the time I tapped on The Gaming Library for gifts I gave the friends receiving the gifts the cash to get the board game I wanted them to have.    But I do believe they are even having a Gencon/Essen party soon through restaurant establishments they've tied up with and have slashed a lot of their prices for the Christmas season.

A third service my friends swear by is Fortress Games which has a shop in Greenhills but does actively take the time to answer questions posed to them via their facebook page or in response to updates they share in various groups.  I know I've checked this place out a few times for board game stuff, but I am not quite sure what role-playing options they can offer beyond dice and the occasional books.    But I will again admit, having not yet purchased anything online through them, I am merely including this shop since friends let me know its a good source to check out.

Now let's say actual board games, dice, or having something shipped is still far too much for your budget, or you really want to keep the gift focused on role-playing games?  Check the next article for options in that direction.

(In case you dropped in here without seeing the first part, check out Christmas Gifts for Pinoy Gamers - Part I: Game Cafes to see the different Gaming Cafes and shops I recommend you try taking your friend out to hang with.)

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