Monday, February 16, 2015

I won!

Glad to share that I had won Matthew Bannock's Survive the Night game design challenge.   Check out the winning announcement here.

Now I will have to disclose that as it turns out, I was the only one who had time to submit an entry.  However, Matthew did explain he still had to check if the game was worth the prize.  Thankfully, he found the game to be interesting and liked it enough to give it the winning prize.

This does, however, encourage me to try and joining even more contest, such as which usually happens around May, as well as get more stuff under my name released on Drivethrurpg and the like.  Rocky keeps teasing me how I'm "in the inner circle now" given I actually can chat directly with so many people I used to consider as merely my gaming idols.  Knowing they actually are aware of my existence (and in some cases are even either asking me for my opinions on their stuff, helping with their stuff, or most awesome - seeing me as one of their friends) is just amazing.

So friends, when you have time, do try playing:

The prize?
A free copy of the suspense thriller Friday Nights at Freddy's.   The 2014 indie point-and-click game was developed by Scott Cawthon and features disturbing animatronic mascots who might not quite be the very people you'll find waiting for you in the darkness of the corridors.   My officemates at Indigo were having such a hoot playing this game.  Good thing I avoided watching them.  Now I can take a stab at playing it myself.

Thank you again, Matthew!
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