Wednesday, November 25, 2015

12 New Games for 2015, now complete!

Great news everyone!   I've finally completed my 12 New Games Challenge for this year.  Rounding up the list is John Harper's Blades in the Dark.  I had supported the Kickstarter and decided to finally take a stab at running it for my officemates.   Six player game in barely three hours, and yet it was a blast!  Even better, one of them was a first-time Role-playing gamer. 

2015 New Games
1) End Of the World
2) Don't Rest Your Head
3) Fiasco: Bad Timing
4) Ryuutama
5) Roll20: Dungeon World
6) Bliss Stage
7) Companions
8) A Red and Pleasant Land
9) Apocalypse World
10) Dungeons and Dragons, 5e
11) Dread
12) Blades in the Dark

Another awesome piece of news is how I'm gonna be another stretch goal this year!  Andy Kitkowski of Kotohi, who brought us the lovely game Ryuutama all the way from Japan, is now working on another game.  Even more awesome, fellow Pinoy GM and Gamer, Jay Anyong is also working on one too!  Woot Represent! It is not too late to join the fun and back the project.  Head on down to their Kickstarter page before the December deadline and join the fun.

Finally, this Sunday will be the last G&GM Philippines mini-convention for the year.  We're celebrating Science Fiction with our event called In A Galaxy Far, Far Away!  I'll be talking about Going Gmless, as well as introducing the people to three GM-less systems (Fiasco, Questlandia and Our Last Best Hope) as well as holding a game session of Our Last Best Hope for others to watch.

Special thanks to my Patrons, and my TAG TEAM SUPPORTERS, with special mention going to Mina , Rocky and Justin as well as James for the support.

Thank you!

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