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Bloodlines ep01 : Blades in the Dark


Episode One

Blades in the Dark

Admittedly, when I first heard about this game on Kickstarter, the idea fascinated me.  As I got a chance to read the Quickstart, and realize how much the game resonated with shows that I love (such as Leverage), I realized I just wanted to dive in and run the game even more.  Thankfully, I work in a place where there are a lot of eager people hungry to game.  And so this game has now become something we do try to play every week.

The cast for the game includes:

Gideon Seymour/Jack Makepeace (Whisper)
A former judge from Tycheros, this Whisper has a strange addiction to sniffing blood and has even stranger personal goals and twisted motivations. Played by Richard.

Reginald Eothorn Guiest Drakeboon III, also known as the Thespian (Slide)
Once part of the Iruvian Military, the Thespian seeks to find his place in the world.  His dissatisfaction with the current status quo pushes him to find a world he can call his own. Played by Flip.

Puck Maxwell, also known as the Professor (Leech)
A Skovlan Academic, the Professor has grown disfranchised with the education system and started his own exploration and studies into alchemy and spectrology.   Played by Jpsh.

Darius Cromwell, also known as the Ghost (Lurk)
A young Iruvian Noble who had run away under the pretense of searching for his missing sister.  Darius has found sanctuary among the other thieves in Duskwall.  Played by Gab.

Cliff Lawford
A former blacksmith of Dagger Isles, his desire to embrace the stupor of battle has pulled him away from the smithy and into the shadows of Crow's Foot.  Played by Tio.

Robert "The Piper" (Hound)
Once part of the Seafaring Industry in Akoros, Robert had left the life of clean living for a romantic spiral of excitement with a bounty hunter.  When that fell apart, he found a new home among the thieves of Duskwall.  Played by James.

The thieves, long content with their hidden Lair and the Boat house, find themselves standing at a moment of opportunity.  Roric, the ward boss of criminal operations at Crow's Foot, has just been killed.  Some whisper it was by his second in command, Lyssa.  And some whisper it was the actions of either the Lampblacks or the Red Sashes.  All the thieves know is they stand poised to choose sides and exploit the situation to their advantage.

The Lampblack's leader, Bazo Baz, meets with the group - which they tell him is called the Actors - and learn that they are being challenged to choose whose side they are on.  During the meeting, however, an old rival of Darius Cromwell shows up and the Bluecoat complicates matters by trying to investigate on what is going on.  Forced to act, Cliff Lawford creates a distraction down stairs by starting an arm wrestling challenge while Robert continues negotiations.  But when things get messy, and violence ensures, the group is forced to escape via the hidden tunnels which Puck and Darius locate.  The Thespian reassures Baz they're allies even as they rush to escape.  Gideon, however, begins scheming given his connections to the demon Setarra.  And while for now they've gained some reputation towards the Lampblacks, there is clearly a concern with their having gained the notice of the Bluecoats.  Darmont's loss of his arm, after all, is an injury he is not going to quickly forget.

The group retires at the Red Lamp where the Lady Tesslyn offers them information on the Red Sashes and their eventual need to see her as well.

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