Thursday, March 3, 2016

dollhouse ep06 : Orpheus


Episode Six
"The Living"


Alex Carter lies.  He tells the group that Ellie Barker has run away.  He lies to them all as he makes deals with something unthinkable.  Natalie Kureya draws her children closer to her life, despite the dangers they may face.  The events have pushed her to start learning for ways to defend herself and train for combat.  Natalie tries to explain to Sophie what has been going on, not quite aware that her youngest daughter, Marina, has become friends with Radio Free Death.   Misha Rusanov visits Natalie Wick but discussions remain uncertain given the secrets both keep from each other.  When he tries to tell her the truth, the truth terrifies her.  Misha even visits the detective, Osorio and learns while he does want to help he has been taken off the case.  A new agent has been assigned to handle investigations.   Shepherd tries to find other Orpheus survivors and eventually visits his wife.  He discovers she actually has been actively investigating what she can and even holds a file with lots of gathered information.  Her investigations seem to lead to a group called J.D. Cryogenics.  He does not choose to let her know he still lives, however.  Wendell begins practicing the use of technology to become a Sleeper.  He successfully goes under for a week and learns to shift his Lament.  But when he witnesses Marina talking to Radio Free Death, however, he is plagued with uncertainty if Marina' mother should know.

The group considers the assassination attempt at Arms of Light.  Forebode reveals little about the assassin, but does guide them to a P.O. Box where he had received the mission to do the attack.  Misha, Shepherd and Fiona investigate.   In their absence, Natalie confronts Wendell about being too serious, which seems odd to her given his usual jovial nature.  He finally admits he has been witnessing Radio Free Death communicating with her youngest daughter.  When she makes a fuss, Wendell reminds her, "At least he talks to her."

A new tragedy hits the city.  Along Greek Row, fraternity parties are celebrated.  Sophie attends out of her rebellious anger towards her father claiming Marina.   The others rush to help and learn of the hundreds of deaths that strike Greek Row.    Pigment, which has spread out among teenagers are a new buzz drug, be it as tattoos or as pills, turns out to be poisoned.  Hundreds die. They find strange hand like Spectres gathering the dead.  They find a Fox in the shadows, luring them and taunting them.  Worse, Sophie is once more injured and Fiona is forced to watch over her.  Natalie questions her role in the group, but wonders how else to protect her family.

In the darkness, something laughs.  Triumphant and confident of eventual victory, the darkness begins to plan anew.

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