Saturday, April 16, 2016

Primeval i02 : Marvel Heroic Role-Playing

Issue Two

Marvel Heroic Role-Playing

The Invisible Woman takes Hawkeye, Moon Knight and Deadpool with her on the Fantasticar to travel to Latveria, in hopes that Dr. Doom has answers to why people around the world have transformed into apes.

Matt Murdock, on the other hand, opts to travel separately from the group.  He decides to fly to Latveria as a tourist.  But along the trip, he finds himself hearing a strange muffled mechanical sound coming from another traveler.  He befriends the man, hoping to figure out who the man is.  The man introduces himself as Anton and offers the blind man  the empty seat beside his.

Missiles fire out of the snow and while the Invisible Woman blocks the first volley, the second volley hits before Sue can deflect them.  Deadpool gleefully rides the crashing Invisicar down to crash at the missile turret, while Moon Knight, Hawkeye and Invisible Woman leap for safety.  A host of Latveria's soldiers emerge, and despite Hawkeye demanding they are here with Doom's permission, they are forced to fight.  Deadpool sees a hatch open nearby, as Latveria military in power armor come to join the battle.  Deadpool defeats one with the help of the others, and rather than wait for the others, decides to use his personal teleporter to teleport straight to Doom's castle.  

Murdock and Anton are moving through customs when Latverian officials ask them to wait for security reasons.  While Murdock considers how to get through this quietly, the choice is taken from him when explosions rock the place.  A man in a powerful red armor tears through the airport and drags Murdock with him.  When asked where he is taking him, Murdock is told the man is searching for Doom.  The man decides to take Murdock with him, which in some ways works with Matt Murdock's own plans.   Why the Crimson Dynamo has questions for Doom, Matt decided to keep the question to himself.

Deadpool discovers painfully that Doom is not one for unexpected guests.  After a thorough trashing, Deadpool seemingly surrenders to the monarch, when in truth he is buying time for his healing powers to kick in.  The Invisible Woman, Moon Knight and Hawkeye quickly dispatch the rest of Doom's soldiers and quickly follow suit towards the Castle.   As they break through the wall to confront Doom, they frighteningly discover how powerful he is with his combined mastery over science and magic.    In barely a single minute, the Monarch of Latveria brings all four of them down with his mystical blasts.

Crimson Dynamo and Matt Murdock actually walk up to the front of the castle and boldly knock on the door.  Murdock senses the danger a split-second before it happens and rolls with the explosion as Doom blasts them both backwards into the snow!  In the end, when Murdock pulls himself back up on his feet, he realizes Doom seems to be very interested to get some answers himself.    But for the answers, he directs the heroes to attacking a specific target within his lands.    Actions for answers, it seems.

Little do they know, at that place, a pale-skinned mutant reminds his erstwhile allies that they are not supposed to be transformed into apes like everyone else.   Red Ghost promises his word is his bond, and Omega Red gives a sinister smile.

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