Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Journey ep05 : Ryuutama


Episode Five
"The Dream Job"


Aya is talking with Matthew, the head of the Festival, about things to consider in the days to come.  Tristan is wandering around the festival, anxious to learn where they should go next.  Piter, on the other hand is busy working on a jewelry chest, hoping to have something to sell in the festival.

The old man challenges Aya to a duel.  Despite using the tea set, the piano, the open window, the table and even Matthew himself to her advantage, Aya finds herself feeling weaker by the passing second!  As it turns out, the tea had been poisoned by Matthew himself - an act he did out of concern that she might hurt herself.  As she drops, weakened, Matthew tells the old man the matter is settled and he promises to carry her back to the others.

Piter works on the box and starts to notice an echo on the hammering sounds.  He looks around and discovers the monkey mimicking his moves and hammering on the wood as well!  He chases the monkey out of the tent and nearly slams into the noble man waiting outside the door of the tent!  The man reveals he is a messenger from the noble family who are about to celebrate a marriage.  They have heard of his handiwork and are anxious to have him work on the giveaways for the wedding.  Piter watches in amazement as he is given an unbelievable offer: to build five dozen chests by the end of the week to be given off as the giveaways of the couple.

Tristan searches the grounds and discovers that some old friend of his has created a school to teach crafters lessons in the city.  Frustrated, he continues looking around and searches for any good ideas on where to go next.  To his surprise, he notices a dog moving amongst the crowd with an unexpected intelligence.  He follows the dog, a corgi, to a nearby stall and begins to overhear voices behind the stall talking about finding a way to get back their lost lands and raising money by selling their weapons.  When Tristan investigates, he soon discovers the voices are coming from dogs!  The two turn out to be Corgs, dog-critters who have long been at war against the Nekogoblins and now are searching for a way to take back their lost land.  Tristan promises them that he can somehow help but tells them he needs to talk to his friends first.  The two Corgs, Bartholomew and Matthias thank Tristan for the dose of hope.

The three soon regroup, with Matthew excusing himself before Aya awakens.  They hear from Piter the good news, from Tristan the possible job, and from Aya the frustration of having lost a fight.  But what they soon learn from the nobles when Aya tries visiting them is shocking: the Crown Prince seems to have lost his one true love, and is now helping his sister find marriage.  But the Princess herself is not interested in getting married!

And true enough, she makes her intentions better known by attacking the supply of material Piter was to work with in the middle of the night!   And while the others more or less know what this is about, they realize they can't just walk up to the Crown Prince and tell him she wants out.

Just another heart-felt story that the Ryuujin would be keeping an ear trained at.
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