Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bloodlines ep03 : Blades in the Dark


Episode Three

Blades in the Dark

The group is contracted for a train job.  Polonia, one of the Dimmer Sisters, requires the them to break into the vault of the Electro Rail train as it moves down the tracks of Akoros and steal the eye of a corpse.  The train, however, has a complication - Lizette, the Grand Niece of the Immortal Emperor, will be aboard which basically means security will be high.

Puck Maxwell uses his connections to snag copies of the train's blueprints.  Robert the Piper trains the monkey he had retrieved from the last big job to work with him.  He visits his contact, Valeris the Spy, and discovers that a bounty hunter named Casta might be present on the train as well.  The name gives him pause, but he keeps it to himself. Darius Cromwell takes some time to try and grab a copy of the logbooks of the train, but does not realize he only grabs an inaccurate log of the guests on board, rather than the actual latest one.  Gideon Seymour locks himself in a room to consult with the demon Setarra, and learns of the possible spirit wards present on the train.

The group easily gets on the train as travelers, with Robert the Piper staying at the common area with his monkey, identifying themselves as a traveling musician.  He keeps on a lookout for any of the Imperial guards that might be headed towards the location of the other crew.  Puck and Cliff Lawford walk in as professor and student.  Reginald Drakeboon III arrives as a nobleman, and Gideon Seymour pretends to be his spiritual adviser and manservant.  Darius arrives as a nobleman as well - though none of the crew realize he isn't pretending to be one.

After a few initial issues in getting closer to the vault, the team eventually succeeds and discovers the corpse that is in the vault is not exactly a dead body - but rather an undead one.  As the group buys time by talking to him, they quickly try to make sense of what they must do: do they abandon the job, or do they push through.

They discover the old man is Kristov, a relative of the Imperial family, and the group pushes through with the heist, stealing the eye and rushing out before the imperial soldiers can catch wind of them.  The group however wonders if this task has now gained them unwanted attention from the Empire.
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