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Journey ep06 : Ryuutama


Episode Six
"The Wedding"


The group stand in the vast garden, which is being at the burned down materials.  Fresh flowers are being planted.  Matthew, the old man who Aya had a duel with, watches as the three talk to a noble man whose face is deep with concern.  He asks how fewer chests can be made with the remaining materials that survived the arson.  Matthew insists however there are no such arsonists in the town.  Piter exclaims that the wood couldn't have just spontaneously combusted which  Matthew counters that for all they know, Piter burned them himself! Piter counters that perhaps the guards failed in their duties, especially in chasing the cloaked figure they were supposed to pursue.  Instead of five dozen, Piter admits he is not sure if he can work on anything given his tense and shaking hands.  Aya insists Piter must work in his peak condition, while Tristan whispers to them that they remember they are speaking to a noble man.  Without a choice nor time, the crown prince who once lost his true love insists his sister finds her happiness in marriage - which means everything must be present.  The deal is renewed with Piter tasked to provide one grandiose box using all the remaining materials and be unparalleled in quality and beauty by the end of the week.  Tristan accepts the task.  Aya is given the additional task of entertaining and watching over the princess, despite being mistaken as the group's swordsman (given Matthew's injury from the duel).  She is tasked to be the Princess' secret guardian, having noticed her window has been unlocked in the previous night.  There may be thieves attempting to reach her.  Piter wonders if the thieves were the type to wear cloaks.  The noble man stresses the importance of the chest and asks Piter and Tristan to make it so.   Matthew wonders if there wasn't a fourth member of the group, which Piter bemoans is them thinking about the monkey.  Tristan asks for "Party leader" but the monkey does not respond - he isn't with them.  And that makes them a bit worried.  The four are to be guests in the wedding itself.  The noble man hurries away back to the garden workers, angrily calling out that none of them have added the oak trees he asked for to be added to the garden's layout.

The three talk with Matthew about the fire, and Matthew asks them if they are questioning the security of the town.  Aya defuses the situation and tells him they will fill a formal complaint if necessary - especially after being told a formal complaint requires a handwritten complaint in triplicate, submitted to two different departments.  The three quietly head off, discussing on whether or not they are still going to push through helping make this wedding happen given what they know of the Princess not wanting it to push through.  Tristan asks them if the Crown Prince or the future Princess should have a bigger voice in the matter.  Piter asks him where is his heart for romance?  Aya suggests maybe they can do both: help her but make sure the marriage happens somehow.  Piter confesses he can focus and finish the chest, despite it won't be his best work given the limited time.  They find Jordi in a white coat, a sash around his forehead, and a record book in his hands. And of course, excellently crafted shoes.

Walking up to him, Jordi greets them in an almost somber manner.  Word has spread in the artisan district on a search for craftsmen.  He's become a teacher to fill the need.  Piter muses though those who can't do... teach.  Jordi and Piter begin arguing once more, debating over craftsmanship and teaching.  Jordi proudly proclaims he has twenty students to offer them.  Piter and Tristan however inform him things have changed and they no longer need additional craftsmen and walk away.  Aya wonders if Jordi was pulling their leg, and Piter reminds her to stop with the foot jokes. They realize however that Party Leader is definitely missing.  Aya decides to try to look for him while the two work on the box.

Tristan and Piter asses that almost a third of the materials have been consumed by the fire.  The materials left behind, however, are enough for making a box massive enough to be someone's tiny house.  Piter sits quietly, ignoring Tristan's remarks on the materials, as he "envisions" the box he will eventually craft.    The two argue over the materials, and fail to even notice Jordi arrive.  He informs them he had just quit the Academic pursuits and Piter teases him its only because he cannot provide anymore the artisans they needed before.  Tristan tells Jordi he can help them by finding the monkey instead. Jordi does mention seeing a monkey playing with a few dogs.  Tristan remembers the corgi warriors.

Tristan heads to the stall and hears the laughter and applause from people, punctuated by the sounds of coins being thrown.  Pushing through the crowd, Tristan sees their monkey holding hoops, tossing them for the dog to run and jump through them.  Another corgi is holding a pail and the audience toss him coins to catch.  The monkey splashes a flask of oil on the ring, and the monkey holds out a tinderbox.  People stare as Tristan rushes forward, telling the monkey he cannot ignite the ring aflame without burning himself.  Tristan finds a stick to hold the ring up as Party Leader ignites the oil-wet ring into a ring of fire.  People applaud and cheer as the corgi leaps through unharmed, lands on a roll, then back on all fours with his head raised up.  The cheers resound louder and coins are thrown into the pail.  Tristan thanks the people, and the two corgis soon recognize Tristan and quietly move back into the stall.  Party Leader gives the two corgis a thumbs up and they start diving up the earnings.

Tristan soon learns that Bartholomew and Matthias are happy that the funds they had gathered are enough to pay and recover their men from their goals.  What they have yet to raise is the funding needed for the war.  When Tristan asks for more, he learns that Party Leader is now called the General, and has agreed to help them gain funds and in exchange to assist him as mercenaries when needed.

Piter and Jordi argue over the design, with Jordi wanting to make the box more like a massive shoe.  Piter however refuses to make the design look like a fairy tale shoe house some old woman might live in.  The two refuse to accept the idea of working together.  Jordi eventually admits he took the job at the school because he thought Piter would need him.  He admits he visited the Princess and discovered she doesn't wear shoes. "What manner of sole does not desire to wear shoes!?!" Jordi cannot help but feel people moving around with bare feet are beyond the natural order.  Piter finally proposes they work together in this commission, especially since they have only a week.  Almost like two vicious partners, the two admit they will work together... under duress... to make a masterpiece. They consider making a giant stiletto.  Or a box within a box within a box.  But the ideas don't lock down.  They head to the market to find inspiration.  "There is inspiration in ugly things," they echo.  They struggle to appreciate the market's boxes and shoes despite their terrible quality.  But from all their complaints of these things, they begin to do find inspiration! 

Aya searches for party leader with a banana in her hand as she moves through the castle grounds.  Even the portraits and standing armors are replaced with images of the Princess if not of flowers and beautiful flowing things.  She finds herself in a massive chessboard park, and sees man-sized figures of chess pieces that move about by themselves.  "What sorcery is this!?" Aya gasps.  The pieces all fall to the ground in response and a 5'2" man rolls into view.  With a turban like headpiece and a purple feather, the Vizier raises his ringed fingers and pulls on his extended mustache.  He shares he was trying to teach the pieces to dance, and Aya explains she is the wedding singer, despite looking like a swordsman.  Aya admits she gets that a lot.  He identifies himself as Vizier Rout, and shares he has magic over wooden things. He can speak to wood or ask it to do things. His brother, Vizier DeVill is the Royal Vizier, and he is the one pushing for the marriage to happen. He knows Seasonal Magic.  Aya is fascinated that Rout can enchant Wood and wonders if he can help with the task of making a gigantic box. The youngest brother convinced Rout that it is the youngest who always inherits everything.  Aya is confused since she knows its the other way around.  Rout claps his hands and sends the chess pieces, that now shrink back to tiny shapes, running into the box.  

Vizier DeVill arrives, in his long purple robes and dark eyes.  He shuts Rout up when Rout excitedly tries to greet his brother and commands him to go to the garden to get those Oak trees into position.  He questions if his brother will ever be useful, and questions if Aya - a wedding singer - would be doing talking to a vizier.  He spits out that he does not trust Minstrels, always having a song for others.  He dislikes them as much as disliking Oracles and admits if he had his choice on the matter, he would inflict her with a Sickness to curse her to do nothing but mope.  Aya backs away, insisting she just wants to find their monkey.  " I have not seen a Monkey around, and even if I did, I would not tell you."  Aya shakes her head and continues going around the castle to look for the monkey.

Aya finds a maid trying to talk to the Princess from behind a door. The Princess seems insistent she does not want to prepare for the wedding.  Aya learns the Princess has had a huge breakfast this morning, and she wonders if it means the Princess is hiding someone in there with her.  She eventually meets with the Princess, learns that he was to be married to the daughter of the Sultanate of Karid, so now she has to marry her own brother to maintain the political union between the two kingdoms.When Aya tries to understand how the wife died, the Princess admits that the Vizier DeVill probably would know.  Aya wonders if she moped a lot, and the Princess admits she did.  Quite often, in fact.  She learns the Vizier has been working for the family longer than they have been born.  And that he might have once been the King of Khalid, before it was changed and the Sultanate was formed.  She even learns that the younger son was always the one who inherits things before, during the time before the Sultanate. 

Aya awakens the next morning still in the Princess' room.  She fell asleep talking with her about her brother and her not being siblings by blood. The brother was adopted actually, unlike her. Aya suggests that the easiest way for the Princess to clear things up with her brother is to talk to him.  To make clear what they both want before the marriage happens.   The weight of making decisions for the best of the land are no joke, and personal feelings might not be as important.  Aya however insists that talking would be a huge help.  She also warns her of Vizier DeVill, even if he has been with the family for so many years.  

Vizier Rout meets the others.  Aya introduces him to the party, while Tristan introduces them to the Corgs.  When the group finally presents the final box to the Crown Prince, Rout uses his Wood Knocking to have it open magically.   The box has shoes, and the two are also a self-opening chamber. Vizier DeVill however steps into the room, questioning the master of the creation - Piter and Jordi - if this is the insensitive gift they would give her.  He cites the gifts resemblance to the coffin of his late wife.  The others gasp, thinking there's no such resemblance.  But DeVill continues about the wooden box having beauty within it - an affront on the Crown Prince's painful memories. Tristan tries to explain the box honors the late wife, and Piter and Jordi add that it was as if she was present in the wedding.  Aya eyes the group, reminding them non-verbally that they cannot trust that Vizier.  The Crown Prince chooses to see the present as wonderful and thanks the party for its creation.   For a moment, he thought the fire was a message - an omen not to proceed - but now the box convinces him to push through with it.  The reward is being prepared.  Aya looks up at the caged balcony and sees the Princess drawing closed the curtains.  She probably feels betrayed.  They are awarded Ribbons of Khalid which allow them to freely purchase anything in the Sultanate. Jordi wonders if this means he and Piter can even start a joint trade: Shoes in Boxes.

Aya raises her voice, wishing for a chance to say something.  Thinking she wants to sing something, they give her the stage.  But Aya admits she's not here to sing to them.  She tells them she'd gladly trade the Ribbon back for a priceless gift: a private audience with the Crown Prince.  Everyone is shocked.  The Vizier DeVill tries to wave it away and have the wedding begin, but the Crown Prince agrees to have this gift for now.  While the rest are shown to the side with food and wine to keep them occupied, Aya meets with the Crown Prince.  

In private, Aya and the Crown Prince talk about the wedding.  He admits he always felt doubt in his heart, but whenever he would speak with his sister he would think she wanted him to do it.  Aya's actions seem to have confirmed for him that the wedding must push through.  Aya realizes she has to tell him the truth now.

Outside, Tristan and Piter notice the Vizier concernedly staring at the chamber where Aya and the Crown Prince have gone to talk.  A servant approaches Piter and asks him if he's noticed that the Vizier has been using magic.  Thorny briars are begging to rise from the ground, especially around the chamber the Prince and Aya are in. The servant hands Piter a tray with five cakes and tells him it will help them, and to use them wisely.  Piter decides to try approaching the Vizier.  Party Leader begins to stuff food in a bag he has with him.  Tristan hear the Corgs bidding him farewell as they have to return to their homeland and are thankful for having fulfilled their debt.  They lament they might never see each other again as war is never kind.  Tristan sees Piter approaching the Vizier with a tray of cakes and decides to follow.  Tristan begins to catch the sound of something in air... a minminmin sound that keeps constantly mumbling in the background.

Piter tries to talk to the Vizier, asking what he does with his staff at night.  He makes it sound as if he's wondering if he would want a box for his staff to keep it during great distances and the like but in truth he's hoping to find a way to separate it from the Vizier.  Piter starts to feel exhausted, as if he had not gotten a good night's sleep.  Tristan casts his own spell, covering the briars with a lush growth of flowers to make them easier to handle.  The Vizier catches sight of Tristan closing in, and decides it is time to act.  Piter pops a cake into his mouth.

Aya confesses in a song that the Princess does not want this marriage, and is not happy to do this but she does not have the heart to tell him. What she really wants is to have a marriage because of love.  The Prince admits he did not want the wedding to happen either!  The wedding is off and Aya cannot believe how easy it will be to resolve this issue. But as they try to step out, they find the doors barred by the thorns.

A battle begins!  Five Objects: Cake Tray, Flowers,  Giant Box, Vizier's Staff, Moonlight.  Tristan open the salvo by casting a spell to unleash a Spring Magic spell known as Kaguya Ray Lance casting it as the moon slightly blinds the Vizier.   Piter then bomps the Vizier on the head with the cake tray. Angrily, the Vizier DeVill strikes back with a spell that induces the May Sickness on Piter! Inside the chamber, Aya and the Prince hear the growing minminmin sound growing stronger.  Aya tells the Prince the Vizier is behind this, but the Prince explains the minminmin is not coming from the Vizier, but the magical creatures bound to them.  These ensured their safety through the decades and are known as the Golden Beetles.  "Those things get hungry!" Both the Prince and Aya begin hacking at the roots with their blades.   True enough, Gold Beetles emerge from the shadows, closing in behind the Vizier.

One of the beetles closes in and begins biting at anything close.  Tristan swats one of them away, after it gives him a tiny bite!  The Vizier growls about how they have disrupted his plans, and to punish them, he begins casting a huge spell calling for the great forces of the desert to protect him.  Tristan casts another Kaguya Ray Lance at the Vizier, injuring him.  Piter munches on another cake, then moves to grab the Vizier's staff. Piter yanks the staff away, and the cicadas begin to fall silent.  In the chamber, the thorns begin to crumble away as well.

Tristan sees the Crown Prince and Aya emerge from the now cleared doorway.  He calls out to him, telling him the Vizier has betrayed him!  Aya charges at the bugs to try to force them back towards the Present Box to trap them.  The Vizier attempts to launch the thorns at Piter, but they miss.  The bugs snap at Aya, but are routed.  Piter lifts the staff up above his head then smashes it to the ground!  A roar is heard in the distance as magically, all Objects can be used again!  The golden bugs start fluttering away as the staff is complete snapped apart.  Vizier DeVill in anger calls out to his brother Rout and declares by the Sultanate of Khalid that he is freed from his bonds.  Rout spins and transmogrifies before their very eyes into a massive figure whose lower body is but floating mist: A Djinn!  The three realize they have to defeat Rout, who has become a twenty foot tall purple magical being.  Aya swings with the flowers swirling around her, striking at the Djinn at the same time as the flowers explode their pollen on his face.  As the Djinn sneezes over and over, Piter smashes the broken staff onto the Vizier's face, finally knocking him out.  The crowd watches as the Djinn fades into mist and is pulled back into a tiny form that they once knew as Rout.

The Prince declares the wedding is off, and instead a treaty is formed to bind the Sultanate and the Kingdom together, instead of the forced marriage that would have been devastating for both sides.  The Prince asks of the three one last task: to deliver the Vizier to the Oasis in the southern desert, and have him imprisoned and chained for the rest of his immortal life. On their return, the Sultanate promises to bring them to any other town they desire to visit.  Piter smiles at the thought of the Box Fair he knows a town will be having.   Aya gives Matthew a nod, but Matthew does not quite grasp what she means.

Jordi watches as the three are celebrated.  He quietly heads out of the gate and walks away.

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