Thursday, October 13, 2016

2017 Plans

I'm already starting to think about the games I want to run come 2017.

Firstly, there are the ongoing games that I do want to keep going.  There's the Vampire The Masquerade V20 game, Sleeper, which I do hope keeps running. I was hoping to make it a twice a month affair, but unfortunately that schedule wasn't going to work out with my players.  Then there's the ongoing two-group 7th Sea game, The Guissola, which is composed of my office group playing The Nisab Diary arc and our weekend group playing Alas, Such Fates arc.    Our Legends of the Wulin game I can foresee ending this year, which most likely means that's an opening for something new.

On the things I would love to run this coming 2017, I have the following in mind:

The Farm : A tight group of sessions using this controversial Jared Sorenson experimental horror game.  Part drama, part terror, the game is very close to being a lovechild of The Prisoner and Saw.  Will definitely need players willing to run the gauntlet for this one.

Blood and Honor : Maybe this year I get to run a longer campaign of Blood and Honor.  Hopefully with players who can capture the real feel of playing a samurai story.  It would be wonderful to have something that resonates stories like those in Lone Wolf and Cub instead of.. well... the more modern mindsets it has been sadly played with before.

Exalted 3rd edition : I definitely want to run a game using this system soon.  But I must admit I feel I need to have the actual book in my hands before that happens.  I think I need to have my bookmarks before I run a game with a system book this huge.

A Red and Pleasant Land : We had finished our game under BJ using OSR and this quirky setting.  I'm definitely hoping to take my own spin at it someday in the future.  Although I am undecided if I want to still use OSR for it.  I just feel the system doesn't necessarily have a proper fit with the mood it wants to embody.  What system does?  I cannot answer that right now.

Night's Black Agents : I also really want to have a game that dives into spies and tradecraft.  But I dunno if this will be something that can happen anytime soon.  But Night's Black Agents definitely has cool touches I'd love to try running again.

Pendragon : Another game I want to explore someday with players who can embrace and embody the virtues expected of the game.  Thankfully, this system really has the virtues take center stage in the role-playing, so maybe this will work out better than previous attempts at medieval mindsets.

Masks : Maybe if I am lucky, I get to run a few sessions of a young super hero story again.  This time with heroes who are young heroes, struggling to balance time between studies and social life and super heroism, with unexpected subplots and quirky twists to deal with.  Something to make up for the wasted sessions of the past.

And maybe another stab at Houses of the Blooded.  That game is just so good, I have no regrets in any of the sessions I've run.  But it would be interesting to see what new approaches and concepts a new group would bring to the table.

There are also a bunch of upcoming games I'm tempted to take a stab at.  Stuff like Bluebeard's Brides, Cold Shadows, Pugmire, Scion 2nd edition, and of course Wraith 20 and Changeling 20 are there in the horizon.  I'm also curious to see how they will reapproach Adventure!  Man. 2017 is gonna be a busy crazy year!

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