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Sleeper ep01 : Part 2 : V20


"Art is Violent, Family is Forever"
Episode One - Part II

Vampire 20th Anniversary

U.S. Botanical Garden

Diana Pierce pulls the wooden pieces out of the chest of the currently torpid former Sheriff, Charlston.   The wood gets stuck for a brief moment, forcing Pierce to brace and pull harder.  The thing rips free finally, revealing at the end it had a metal hook.  Some meat was torn free with it, crumbling to ashes immediately.  Mark "Dor" Roberts and David Sullivan see the red flares of anger swirl in Charlston's aura.   They see the hints of confusion and fear dancing in the swirl of colors.   Mildred Hobbs focuses on any sounds he makes, attempting to catch those moments of hesitation and apprehension that accompany bad lies.    Alex Cross asks the first question, "Do you know why you are here?"   Charlston coughs out vitae, cursing and screaming for explanations on why he was attacked from his own haven.  The aura reveals purple hues dominating now, with light green growing in strength as suspicion grows.  The fear never leaves however.  Mildred hears nothing odd so far.  When Charlston asks Marcus what he did, and why his loyalties are questionable, Marcus never answers.  Mildred catches Charlston's voice waver slightly when he asks what he did.

Alex asks Dor if there's anything interesting, but he does not reply.  Dor sees the David staring too, but not knowing his name, he asks generically, "Warlock?"  Diana tries to help, "That's David."  David however gives no reply either.  Alex sighs, "Apparently it IS something you did. Would you like to enlighten us?"  The group starts to realize though, despite the Sheriff ranting about doing his job, all of them have been in Washington, D.C. for quite some time without having been presented to the Prince.  More so with Dor, who has been active in the city for some years.  David notices the orange glow of fear still lingering.  Dor sees hints of sadness swirling.  Diana starts telling Charlston that he has been a lazy Sheriff, and despite his growls for him to shut up, she continues to berate him for failing to do his job.  Charlston holds back, keeping his Beast from taking over.  "Then why didn't you drag me for presentation when I was here for a week?" Diana hisses.   The Sheriff seems confused when he realizes he has been out for twelve days.  Marcus Vitel however insists they just spoke three days ago.  Mildred notes the uncertainty in his voice.  Dor and David sees the aura erupt into fear, overwhelming almost all the colors.  David glances at Helena, but finds no reaction on her face.    Charlston tries to explain that someone must have taken his spot.  Or pretended to be him.  Marcus, however, is not convinced.  Alex and Diana demand from him the last thing he remembers.  As Charlston tries to remember, David sees within the orange, a small touch of light blue.  A hint of calm.  Then it is gone. Everything becomes orange.    "I don't remember a single thing."

The Sheriff remembers leaving Elysium, and of sightings of a Toreador, of leaving the building... but that's it.  Alex at least notes that Charlston left the Elysium club called Haven that day.  It is at least... a start.  David and Dor confirm his statements are the most certain statements he can give.  Dor adds the aura colors are very complimentary.  Marcus asks Alex for to call it.  Alex agrees that's all they are getting.  With Marcus' go signal, Diana shoves the wooden bar back into Charlston's chest to send him back into Torpor.  But Charlston's Fortitude prevents the wood from penetrating properly.  Marcus asks Diana if she can do this properly.  Diana grunts and pumps her vitae into her strength, then shoves the bar inside again.  She smirks, shifts the bar to her other hand, and shoves it into Charlston, with the metal hook end breaking through to the other side.  Diana feels the slight pangs of hunger.

Marcus Vitel formalizes Alex Cross' elevation to be the City's Sheriff.  Alex accepts it with a bow.  Marcus reminds Alex that he expects he will not fail him.  Alex promises he will not disappoint.  As an initial order of business, Alex is given the permission to appoint an enforcer to help him.  Diana is chosen to be his Hound. She claims she would love to accept but she has to wait for her sire.  Karina however reminds Diana that the Tradition of Domain allows her to accept independently, and that her Sire will have to respect that decision. Cassandra asks what will happen to the former Sheriff.  Marcus assigns the Regent Helena to continue interrogations of the suspect.  Helena turns to David, asking where he is staying, and suggests the man be kept wherever David is staying.  She refuses to bring a Ventrue, most likely a Ventrue double-agent into the hidden location of the Chantry.  When David however hesitates, Helena rolls her eyes and tells the Prince they are unable to have "house guests" because they are like the Toreador, complicated.  Cassandra speaks up though and claims the Malkavian Clan would be more than willing to handle the disposal and further interrogation of the suspect.  Marcus reminds them all that there shall continue to be no tolerance of the Sabbat's presence in the City.  "They have nearly gained control of the most powerful nation in the world.  Look at what they have done to Mexico, to Vancouver, their hold on those cities show the depravity that can follow if we allow them to gain ground here.  I will find any hidden agent of the Sabbat regardless of whatever traditions or personal apprehensions you may have.  This is my City.  You are all welcomed to Washington, D.C.  Make sure you deserve it."

With that, Marcus leaves with Monica Black in tow.  Helena asks him for one last thing though.  They stare at each other for a silent moment, then Marcus nods and they leave.  Helena turns to face David and when he offers her coat, she tells him he's an idiot and tells him to talk to the others.  As Tremere, she stresses, they should always try to gain more information.  She tells him things are handled differently here compared to Los Angeles, and reminds him they should never feed before a public gathering.  She claims she can smell his breath from where she stands.

Cassandra tells Mildred to get to know the others too.  She will make arrangements for the body.  Mildred introduces herself to the others.  Dor doesn't like shaking anyones hands.  David admits this feels like a bad night.  Mildred plants her arms on Alex and Diana and as she speaks, Alex slips away from Mildred, not liking being touched.  Mildred asks them to help her move the body.   The others make quick introductions to each other.   Helena reminds them that the Prince has given them duties to perform, which doesn't mean he has gained his trust, only that he wishes to see how they will perform.  She asks Alex if he's sure a single Hound is enough.  Alex nods.  Helena realizes the suspect's "next of kin" will need to be informed of his status.  He has a wife who has a kid, both of whom do not know he is a vampire.  With that, Helena wishes them luck and poses before David.  When David merely stares back, she rolls her eyes again.  "The coat! Ugh. Los Angeles.."  Helena leaves in a huff, after using her Movement of the Mind thaumaturgical path to pull it from David's hands.

When Mildred asks again who has a car, Alex sighs exasperatedly and admits he has one.  Dor mumbles to himself that he is happy someone else does as he didn't want to offer his own.  Velvet greets Diana, and admits she recognizes Diana because she looks like someone she beat up back in Los Angeles.  Diana admits she came from there.  A beat.  Then people talk instead about the car that will be used.

To fit him in the car, Diana snaps the legs of the wooden chair to slide the frozen vampire into the car.  They realize the trunk might be the better option.  Thankfully, he fits. Mildred calls shotgun and sits up front.  Diana forces the trunk closed and with a snapping sound, likely from Charlston's knees popping, she shuts the trunk closed.  Dor admits he is feeling famishes.  Velvet bids the others goodbye and goes to join Dor to leave.    David admits he has his own car. Alex sees Mildred knocking on the door, and as he reminds her the car is an expensive car, Diana gets in and slams the door a bit too hard as well.  Alex wonders know if Monica acts bitchy and annoying so her Sire doesn't assign her to do these things.  Alex asks where to go and Mildred just tells him, "Just drive straight. I'll tell you where to go."  Alex sighs, surrendering to the need to head there the way Mildred prefers.

David stars his car, and decides to drive off, heading for the Chantry instead of following them.  As the three cars leave, on the nearest bench, a man becomes distinct against the darkness.  Then he stands up and fades away as he walks off.

Mildred's Haven, Upper Northwest Residential District

Given its the Toreador day for the Hunting Grounds, Alex suggests to Diana that she can just feed at her haven later after they're done delivering the body to Mildred's Haven. Diana asks for a blanket to cover the body with.  Mildred, having never been here, mumbles that she is sure she should have one.  As Mildred hurries up, Alex is amused at her choice of location for a Haven.  The place is in a residential district with nothing but apartments and condos in the vicinity.  Diana admits this is nicer than her neighborhood.  Mildred finds the sheets and brings one down with her.  They carry the body out and bring him up the steps to Mildred's room.  They reach the second floor where Mildred's haven is and bring her all the way to the bedroom, leaning against the wall.  Mildred thanks the two and tells them she will handle the investigation from this point. Diana reminds Mildred not to even touch the wooden stake at any circumstances.  Alex fishes a card out from his wallet and hands one to Mildred and Diana.  Mildred asks Diana for her number and Diana writes it down on Mildred's palm with a pen. Alex goes back to his car but sits in the back seat.  Diana gets in, slams the door intentionally, and drives the car for Alex, knowing she might as well get used to this role.

Mildred grabs her phone, loads the browser to try calling Scott, but then she hears a voice mutter, "About time they left."  She looks up to see Charlston's head turned towards her, despite being staked.  Mildred takes a step back.  The man admits if he wanted to do something to her, he would have done it already.  Mildred asks why he did it.  Why he is acting like he's not an elder.  Charlston admits he did not really know what was happening, or why the Prince thought he betrayed him.  He honestly has no recollection of what happened in the last 12 days.  He does clarify that one thing looks certain, they are now in charge of finding that out.  Mildred blinks her eyes and realizes Charlston never moved.   She slowly cocks her head and realizes he's right though. It is up to them.   She looks down at her phone and presses the "speed dial" to call Scott Levin. Nothing happens though.  She tries again, waits, and wonders if Levin will show up again.  Ten minutes pass however, but nothing.  Fifteen minutes pass, still nothing.

Cohn Rose, Clan Tremere
(Ryan Gosling)

The Octagon House, Tremere Chanty

David arrives at the Chantry. The place seems relatively empty tonight.  The only other present seems to be a man quietly looking through his notes and glancing at him every now and then.  The man introduces himself as Cohn Rose and asks if David is impressed.  The location is unexpected and yet impressive, given the Gregorian designed house has six-sides, and is known as the Octagon House, barely a block away from the White House itself.  David admits he was told this was the place to go and Cohn grins, realizing he was probably talking about Helena Taylor, his Sire.  Cohn asks if David is attached to his outfit, and when David admits he isn't, Cohn hands him a card and tells him it is the number to a tailor and they will provide an outfit for him to wear.  David remembers Peter Dorfman's kevlar suit, and Cohn simply further impresses this situation when he explains the Tremere are not favorably seen in this city.  The two discuss their recent exploits and Rose soon shows him the way to get into the Tremere Library.

Walking together, the two step past an archway into a dark tunnel.  At the end, he draws a key to unlock the door that leads to a second archway.  There, Cohn tells David all is good.  Turns out, the whole route is filled with wards, which would have incinerated David if he were someone else.  "Can never be too careful nowadays, especially with the Sabbat."  Cohn tells him to just call for him if he needs anything, and not to be too startled by the gargoyles.  David glances around, fascinated, and sees a statue staring at him from the other end of the room.  The Pontifex wanted to handle other matters tonight, which meant Cohn will have to stay and watch over the place.  David asks about the feeding schedule and Cohn explains how the Malkavians get Mondays, Toreador get Tuesdays, so the Tremere have access to the Hunting Grounds on Thursdays.  David invites Cohn to stay and research with him, but Cohn admits he's not in the mood to do research today.

Mildred's Haven, Upper Northwest Residential District

Mildred steps outside her Haven, hitting the bookmark to Google Scott Levin again, but nothing.  When a car drives by, she gets momentarily excited, but it just drives by.  Nothing.  She sees a group of young men walking down the road, all sweaty with a basketball being tossed between them.  Mildred approaches them, asking if they know Scott Levin. The guys look at her, a bit startled.  When one of the young men asks her for the name again, he follows it with a question asking if it is something they should know.  One suggests looking for the person using Facebook.  Mildred thanks them, confused though that this time Levin wasn't responding.  She opens Facebook using her mobile phone and she tries searching for the name, but before she completes typing the name, she sees Levin standing in front of her.

"That is three meetings within a twenty four hour period.  That's a collected total of thirty four minutes of having spoken with me," the Malkavian doesn't seem too happy.  Mildred tells him she has questions to ask him.  Scott admits it seems he won't accomplish anything today until he helps her.  Stepping into the room, Mildred shows him the Sheriff imapled and leaning against the wall.  Mildred explains the Sheriff doesn't seem to remember things, which seems similar to related to Scott's "modus operandi."  Scott asks her why she really asked him to come over.  Mildred explains the similarity between his way of staying unnoticed and the Sheriff's loss of recall might be related, or at least similar.  Mildred asks if the Sabbat has already infiltrated the City.  Scott answers absolutely. The presence of the Sabbat in the City is the precise reason it is in the state it is in.  Mildred asks how she can tell which is which.  Scott explains there is truly no difference between the two, merely political differences.   But as Levin talks to Mildred about the Sabbat, he actually turns to talk to the staked former Sheriff to ask for his opinion.  Odder still, Charlston replies.   Levin howver does ask what she plans to do with the body, given it seems to be such an excess waste of vitae.  Mildred admits she is still following a hunch and it means needing to keep him around.  Levin however adds that certain tribes believed true power lay in the heart.  That one can embrace the knowledge within, and gain it, to learn from it.  Charlston elaborates that she might gain more knowledge by drinking his blood.  "Diablerie is such an unfortunate word. Societal dictates need it to be seen as such an evil act.  Do not parents in nature devour their children to store the nutrients and proteins for the next generation?" Levin sighs, "The economical desire to save knowledge in such a manner."   Charlston adds, "I wouldn't complain. I'm already staked."

Mildred cracks her knuckles and smiles.  Thirty-nine minutes have passed since Levin has showed up, he makes sure to remind her.  Mildred tells him he can go.  He warns her, though, that they will see her.  They will see the heart of the matter if she pushes through with it.  Warns it will be a black mark that will linger for a number of years.  "If they peek, they will see. And they will know."  Levin looks at his watch and tells her, "Forty minutes. I better go. Any moment, I might arrive."

A doorbell rings.

Mildred heads down and finds Levin outside. "I heard you were calling."  Levin admits this isn't wise, standing at the doorway, given all the blood on her chest.  Mildred escorts him upstairs (again) and shows him the body of Charlston (again).  He asks her if she just did something. Mildred stares at her reflection and sees she's covered in blood.  Levin asks if she just did something.  Mildred asks him to wait as she gets changed, and she heads upstairs to check on Charlston.  She finds the floor splattered with blood, chains on the floor, and the broken chair against the wall.  But the body of the former Sheriff is gone.  His clothes remain among the dust, however.    No, not dust.  Ashes. Mildred admits she may have a problem.

Mildred brings Levin to the ashes and he stares at them without any expression on his face.

"I see what you mean."

Dor's Haven, Upper Northwest Residential District

Dor brings Velvet to a new place.  A number of people are watching them as they approach. Velvet admits the place looks great, with a lot of space being occupied by artwork.  Dor tells her he has friends here, hence that is why they are here.  They turn out to be Dor's Herd.

The group immediately fawns over Dor as they approach.  They all tell him about how excited they are to see his next work.  Dor asks who among them is "Thursday" and one of them steps forward and announces he is a Thursday.  Dor admits the name Velvet does work, and he feels inspired to purchase fabric for his next piece.  They head to the private studio.   Dor plays some music and guides Thursday to one side.  Velvet, through the wall, asks Dor how long it takes him to make paintings.  Dor plays the music louder.  Velvet shakes her head, "Hang a sock on the doorknob or something..."  The Herd try to entertain Velvet, telling her how transcendental the work is.  She gives them a forced friendly smile.

Dor begins to feed, drinking slowly to avoid hurting his Herd too much.  Dor carries the man out after licking the wound, and walks past the massive painting on the wall entitled, "Lasagna."  Dor tells Velvet it isn't all blood after she complains that it is enough blood to be a goat.  She almost gets tempted to lick the art, but Dor reminds her to stop trying to lick the art and that the piece is ironic.  "It's gluten free."   The Herd starts laughing.  Velvet tells Dor it is getting late and she better head back tomorrow.   Dor asks what changed, why she'd introduce herself now and she admits the venue was too small so she had to get closer.  Dor remembers Velvet's "folded" bike is in his car, so he offers to walk her out.

As they step out, heading down the steps, the screeching of wheels alerts Dor's notice.  A car speeds down the street, window opens, and a semi-automatic weapon is drawn out and trained at them!  It opens fire!   Dor grabs Velvet to try to pull her down -

And Dor realizes it hasn't happened yet!  He hears the car wheel skidding in the distance.  He yanks her down as he yells, "DOWN!"  Dor and Velvet hit the floor as the hail of bullets rip through the door and walls where they were.  Dor looks up and he's alone.  He faces the street and sees Velvet appearing just beside the speeding car, kicking it.  It shakes, but does not lose control.  That moment, Dor uses his Auspex to stare at the car, hoping to catch the plate number.  As the car screeches away, Velvet lets it leave, realizing there may be witnesses nearby.


Velvet is back at Dor's side, having used Celerity to rush to his side, and she drops to one knee to help him up.  She warns him that someone has just targeted him and he has to move.  Dor refuses to, explaining his kids are there.  But they both see the people who start to appear in the street.  Velvet insists they head back inside, worried that the people might have recognized him.  That this is his place.    Dor however admits people do know he lives here.

Alex Cross' Haven, Upper Northwest Residential District

Diana admits she is feeling famished.  Alex calls for his butler to gather the staff and tells Diana she has been extended all levels of hospitality and welcome.  The staff show up, and Alex explains they double as his Herd.  He tells her to take her pick as they are prepared to serve.

As Diana feeds on the first person, she loses herself to some point and by the time she stops, she realizes she feed a bit too much.  The man needs medical help.  Diana feels her Humanity fade as she simply shrugs and asks for the next one she can feed on.    Alex calls for 9-11 to help with the first one.  Diana feeds from the next two, filling up for the night.  Alex is a bit surprised at Diana having such an appetite.  His butler rushes the other to the hospital.  "Sorry, it takes a lot to satisfy me," Diana admits.  Alex asks where she will sleep.  She tells him she lives near the slums.  Realizing Damien has left, Alex promises Diana she can sleep in the house.  He will just need to wait for his butler to get back.  Alex goes to the kitchen, and out of the desire to feel more human, he grabs a drink from the refrigerator.

The night will be an interesting one to say the least.

By the time Damien returns, he informs Alex that they were asking some questions at the hospital, so he had to slash the guy's forearm to make it look like the blood loss was due to a suicide attempt.   As night nears its end, Alex and Diana heads to bed before the sun rises.

Mildred's Haven, Upper Northwest Residential District

Mildred talks to Levin about how she got hungry and asks him about the Sabbat influence in the city.  Levin calmly admits there are.  She explains they are looking into that since the Prince asked them to.  Levin offers to bring her to one known Sabbat location tomorrow, at first night.  He asks her to be much more presentable.  Levin reminds her not to make it a habit of calling him just because. "I don't let everyone remember. I don't think you would rather forget."   Mildred shows him out, locks the door with bolts, and heads back to the room.

She gets there and finds the body still propped against the wall.  She blinks a few times and heads to her discarded clothes to check.  They are still bloody.  The floor still has ash.  She pokes the body and finds it there.  "I'll just deal with you in the morning," she tells herself, and plops onto the bed.

"Yeah that might be best," she hears Charlston reply.

Mildred turns to her side, shaking her head, "Evening. I meant evening."  She switches on her cellphone to video mode, leaves it to record and trains it aimed above her at Charlston.  "I am watching you," she mutters and heads to bed.

Dor's Haven, Upper Northwest Residential District

Dor addresses the Herd, telling them that they have to go for their own safety.  They hold him and weep, not wanting to abandon their master.  Velvet looks out the window and closes the blinds.  She tells herself to wake up at first night and maybe she can find a way to convince him to leave.

David Sullivan's Haven

Back home, David considers which Rituals he will cast to protect the Haven, but he realizes there is no sign of Alexandria in the room.  He visits his Retainer down below and asks if he disposed of the body.  The man confirms he did.  He asks if he saw a woman and he shakes his head.  David wonders where Alexandria has gone off and worries if she would be back before dawn comes.

Dawn comes.   The next night begins.

Alex Cross' Haven, Upper Northwest Residential District

Alex wakes up to see Damien concerned.  He hands Alex a copy of the morning paper.  The other Herd are still asleep, recovering from the feeding.  Alex stares at the front page and mutters a cuss word.

Drive By Shooting At Heart Of The Nation

Alex sees the article about the Experimental Extreme Artist Dor Attacked At Washington, D.C.  Damien asks to confirm if Dor is one of them.  Alex rushes to the guest room and knocks on the door, and when she doesn't answer, he slams the door open to try to physically wake her.  But she won't awaken.  As Alex draws his cellphone to make a call, he finds it already ringing with a call from the Prince.

Marcus Vitel however is not the voice on the other line.  Alex hears the voice of the other daughter, Cynthia Black.  She explains her father has just seen the news and thus was told to call.  She asks if he is in charge of the situation and reminds him he has to be in charge of it right now.  Alex promises he is on his way.  Putting the phone down, he could almost image Marcus standing as he watches the television.

Dor's Haven, Upper Northwest Residential District

Velvet awakes in a panic, realizing the bright warm light against the blinds!  She worries she had awoken too early and risks a peek when she notices the light does not burn her skin.  What she sees outside makes her curse aloud.  She sees hundreds of people outside, news reporters with cameras and spotlights.  She worries on what she should do.

Alex Cross' Haven, Upper Northwest Residential District

Alex can't seem to wake Diana by just shaking her back and forth.  Realizing he will need more drastic methods, he shoves her off the guest bed.  Alex yells at her to wake up since they have work to do.  Diana hits the ground, her eyes slowly starting to open.  The heavy call of the death sleep still demands her participation.  Alex growls that she should wake up already and stomps his feet as he leaves the room.  Alex upends two of the expensive vases outside, shattering them to relieve himself of anger.  He walks out of the room as Diana mutters those were expensive.

Dor's Haven, Upper Northwest Residential District

Velvet forces her way into the room, shaking Dor to wake up.  Dor looks to check if the rest of the week is still in the room.  They are.  But as Dor mumbles nonsense as he still half-dreams he's talking to them, Velvet grabs him and hoists him to his feet, telling him that the reports have gathered outside his home.  There are even repeating video footage of amateur shots of Dor and Velvet nearly being shot as a car skids nearby.  From what news is being broadcast on the screens, there are unclear reports if Dor was hit by the gunfire.  Policemen arrive, having seen the reporters, and are now here to knock on the door and ask to speak with Dor.

Velvet looks at Dor and asks him if they should answer it.  Dor wonders where Judy, his retainer is.

Mildred's Haven, Upper Northwest Residential District

The news reports reach Mildred, coming through from next door, about how it isn't sure if the artist was hit and whether or not he is still alive.  She opens her eyes to hear that the reporters are waiting for someone to answer the door.

She reaches for her phone and finds it no longer recording.  She opens it and finds seven videos in the gallery.  The first one shows her sleeping, and the time suggests it is one hour long.  Then it is raised as someone picks it up.  Then she sees the video pointed at her, running back and forth at her sleeping body.  Mildred loads the second video, and its showing her feet, then the shot goes up her legs, to stop at an extreme close-up on her face.  A voice can be heard snickering.  One distinct voice.   She can hear something faint... distant.. then suddenly, the voice SCREAMS at her, startling her.   Mildred realizes she knows the voice.  It sounds like her sire.    The video ends.  The third video shows the bed, but the background noises sounds like someone eating.  The fourth video is a shot from the window, watching cars drive by, police cars moving past, and Mildred can hear her sire mimicking the sounds.  The last video shows Mildred asleep again.  The voice starts mockingly saying, "This little piggy went to market.  This little piggy stayed home.  This little piggy committed diablerie.  This little piggy had none.  And this little pi-"  The video is cut. The screen goes all black but there are still sounds barely audible.  Mildred glances at the timer, and it shows thirty more seconds.  Then the scream happens again, but the voice mutters that she probably wasn't listening.  Mildred loads the final video and finds it to be a shot from outside her window.  She is visible in the shot sleeping.  Mildred stands up, and tries to retrace the shot.  The shot goes outside the window, up to the rooftop, to see the purplish sky.  The sun is about to rise.  The video continues to record.  Mildred begins to feel her heart pounding.  The video continues to play.  The sun is about to rise.  Mildred steels herself, trying to maintain her courage.  The first break of sunlight.  The video shifts as the shaking movement is accompanied by the voice of Mildred's sire cursing over and over as the shot is carried down the side of the building.  The shot returns inside the room, the phone positioned back on the original place, and the hand shaking with smoke still rising from it.  The voice mutters, "Okay, that's enough."  The video ends.  Mildred looks down and realizes she has burns on her fingers.    She stands up, searching the whole house but finds everything in place, save for the window beside her bed.  The glass is raised, despite the curtains still being closed.

Mildred looks outside and finds a ledge and the fire exit that matches the route of the video. The fire exit ladder isn't down, though.  A kid is running down the street below, toy car in hand, as he goes, "Brrrmm!" Mildred goes back to the seventh video and notices the burned hand matches where she has burns.  But this time, playing back the video, Mildred sees in the video her bed is empty.  This time, it is.

Mildred considers doing a more expensive video capture in the future.

David Sullivan's Haven

David wakes up to find his childe standing in front of her bed, worry all over her face.  When David asks what happened, she tells them they have to go.  She refuses to explain what she did but insists the sooner they leave the better.  She tells him they have to leave before someone finds her.  David explains he has instructions.  He has to stay.  Alexandria insists they can leave, because they are too busy handling the city.  David demands she explain what she did, what happened, but she insists she didn't do anything and that she left the body at the Metro.  She is bothered more that it is all over the news.

David switches on the television and sees the reports about Dor.  Alexandria still pushes that they have to go.  When David demands and explanation, she explains they have to leave because the person on the news is one of the Kindred.  She explains it is all beyond their hands now.  That sort of attention does not get unnoticed among the Kindred.  David explains he knows the Sheriff so it shouldn't be a problem.   Alexandria insists they have to leave.  She tells him it is a problem beyond the City now.  David tells her to leave if she wants to, cause he is staying.

"You're abandoning me?" she hisses, and when he denies he is doing it, she tells him she has to go because she is the one in danger.  David tells her he has the Rituals they need to keep her safe.  She tells him she is trusting him.  He tells her he loves her.  She tells him the same.  "I wouldn't do anything to endanger you."

Elsewhere in the world

An old phone begins to ring.
It is one of those ancient phones where the receiver is separate from the cradle.  A distinguished looking butler takes it and holds it close to his face.  He nods, stating he understands, and closes the phone. He walks the length of a long dark corridor and stops, surprised to see his Mistress already standing with a packed suitcase.  "I saw the news," she smiles, "Inform the City of Washington, D.C., a Justicar is on the way."

The only question really is which one.

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