Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sleeper ep02 : V20


"Museum are for the Dead. Media are for the Living."
Episode Two

Vampire 20th Anniversary

With the media swarming over the shooting that happened at Mark Robert's haven, the Prince Marcus Vitel immediately contacts the new Sheriff, Alex Cross, to deal with the situation.  Stressing the grave importance of the need to maintain the Masquerade, Marcus Vitel reminds him to settle thing before things get more out of hand and the attentions of other more powerful beings are caught. 

Alex reaches out and contacts the Brujah Hound, Diana Pierce and the two seek for a way to distract the media before things come to a terrible peak.  The Tremere David Sullivan runs  his own investigations and reaches out to the Brujah in hopes of finding more information that may prove useful. His own investigations leads him to the strip club called Purgatory, which happens to be the existing Brujah Hunting Ground. While Alex and Diana learn that the other Clans are greatly uncertain on what course of action to take, all seem content to leave Alex Cross the responsibility of finding a solution to the standing problem.  This may include playing the games of prestation the Kindred are known to play.  Alex reminisces on the lessons given to him before by his Sire, the long absent Alistair Kent.
Bjorn Garinson, Brujah Elder
(Travis Fimmel)

David Sullivan on the other hand, discovers that the Brujah Clan had withdrawn from the Camarilla after the destruction of the former Prince, and more interestingly, the current Brujah Elder seems to be a vampire of immense age.  

In the end, Alex finds an opportunity to distract the media from the home of Dor - but only if he willingly accepted owing a boon to the voice on the phone that addressed him.  The caller turn out to be the Anarch Razor, who fulfills his side of the bargain with an act of arson upon the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum!  The burning flames upon the museum draws the media to the site, immediately emptying the streets surrounding Dor's haven.   The Prince commends Alex for his strategy, not knowing that Alex was only able to accomplish it by agreeing to a boon Razor shall call for in the near future.

When Cross and his newly selected Hounds enter the premises to investigate, they find Velvet, Dor's Brujah bodyguard, staked and beaten, and discover she has vague recollection of facing invisible assailants.  Using a Thaumaturgical Ritual, Sullivan leads the group in following the trail but as they get deeper into the sewers, they discover the trail going cold when it leads through running water, and the unexpected attack by a massive albino gator forces them to withdraw back onto the surface.

Suspecting Dor having been abducted by the Nosferatu, Cross maps out his options - keeping Diana close by as they think of how to search for the missing Dor without angering the Nosferatu.  Sullivan traps himself in a complicated lie when Bjorn Garinson assumes he is a Brujah posing as a Tremere. Bjorn finds Sullivan's company amusing, and welcomes him to the Clan.  Sullivan reaches out to a George Lawrence, a Nosferatu who might hold answers he needs.

And Diana decides to do some investigating on her own, an act that leads her to an old orphanage where the children are all in some strange kind of daze as they sing a haunting song, and to her horror she discovers them all to be member of the Sabbat, and the group separates to hunt in the streets of Washington, D.C.  On her attempt to sneak away, however, she only succeeds thanks to the help provided by Scott Levin, who silences her and reminds her not to move while his Cloak the Gathering protects them from being seen by the children.   

Angelica Stravinsky, Toreador elder
(Meryl Streep)
Among the Harpies, Cross notes how the Toreador Angelica Stravinsky, despite being far older and more influential, does not stand at the Clan's Primogen, and yet holds some strange hold over the Tremere Regent, Helena Taylor.

With all these events, Dor remains missing, and even perhaps more disturbing, no one knows for certain what has happened with the Malkavian Mildred, whom has been missing from the public eye as well.

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