Monday, November 7, 2016

Was a Guest Speaker at ESGS 2016

OMG with the Castlevania and Bloodstained designer himself, Koji Igarashi!

Thank you to the people behind this year's Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit for having me as one of your speakers.  I gave a short talk entitled, Must Love Games, where I shared my insight in the importance of not locking yourself down to a limited range of experiences when it comes to becoming a good Game Designer.

This is me with my office mates at our "booth" where we were showcasing Agent Aliens and Play Day!

Grabbed myself one of's Mystery Loot Bags.  As of the contents, I will not reveal it to anyone hahah!

Wondering if I chose the right bag.

Me with the incredible GM Mon who remains a dear and close friend.

Me with Gwen and Flip, both super awesome people who love games and are very dear friends.

A quick lunch getaway with more new friends and amazing people in the gaming industry. And yes, James, I will drink with you some day when I find you at Singapore!

The massive seminar room where the talk was to be held.

With the wonderful Ria who was ever so supportive as always! 

The event was a wonderful chance also for me to meet a cool host of people, as well as a chance to share my excitement and pride for our two upcoming games, Agent Aliens and Play Day.  We had a small area to showcase the games and it was pretty cool having a bunch of people try the games out.  Agent Aliens should be available at Google Play so do check it out!

And yeah, that fanboying moment was not possible without Gwen's wonderful kindness. Thank you again everyone!  And here's hoping to help out again in the coming years.

To gaming!

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