Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Forty Year Old Fanboy Update #4

The Forty Year Old Fanboy has landed.  I'm now safely at Los Angeles and have met up with my brother and his family here in Northridge.  Of course, our first stop after the quite lengthy period of getting cleared for entry and finding my baggage at the carousel was a dive into In and Out burger. We're looking at more options in the coming days, as well as a lot of stuff to be prepped for when our parents come by in the coming days.

The airport journey felt like a quest. The long lines, the massive waiting time, the "NPCs" waiting for you and once you approach, point you to the next plot point to trigger to move forward in your story. I was tempted to have photos of the "robot" used at some point, but there was a no cellphone usage sign that I opted to follow. So I'm afraid all I have are these other pics.

I lucked out on my seat though, despite sitting very close to the end of the plane. On web check in, I noticed a whole row at the center seat aisle that was empty.  So I chose an aisle seat there and prayed I wouldn't have to struggle with an elbow encroacher during the entire flight.  When I got to the seat, it was empty so far!  Yay!

I sensed however that with my luck, things would change. Rocky knows how I tend to have the most horrible luck when it comes to board games, winning contests and the like.  The seats came with personal screens to watch movies, play games, and even listen to music.

Oh hello Sarah Geronimo.
Gah, now I miss O bar too.

Flight was in progress. Only one other person showed up and took the other aisle seat.  So we had two empty seats between us to celebrate. I was able to sleep with my legs up at some points in the flight, giving me more circulation. Yay!  My legs feel like hell still though. More so my feet. Man a massage would have been super awesome. Maybe that will have to wait til I get back though, just to be economical about it. 

The menu looked... impressive. But in the end the taste just wasn't there.
Hence, once my brother found me, we decided to swing by In and Out.
Hmmmhmmm.  Good food.

So yeah, the Tobie has landed.
Let you all know more about the coming days.
Good night for now. I'll try to get some zzzss and sync up with this area's time zone.
It's around 6pm in Manila at the time of writing this. Gah.

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