Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Explored Blades in the Dark again

Got another chance to explore the mystifying world of Blades in the Dark with Rocky, Adrian, and Jonette. Adrian mentioned to me that Jonette was hoping to start running her own games and he felt that Blades offered a system she might enjoy using. I was, of course, more than happy to help out. I decided to name this session, The Task.

We had a quick one shot session, with the group being tasked to break into a Chapter House where specific people were staying for the Governor's gathering. Adrian played Brace "Cricket" Vedat, the Hound from Tycheros who used Opium to put himself to sleep. Rocky was Tocker "Frost" Kessarin, the Lurk from Dagger Isles who was a nobleman himself at some point in his life. Jonette was Valeta "Slip" Vedat, a Whisper from Severos who served as the group's leader.  Known as the Purple Rose, they were based beneath The Vulgar Cat and took assassination and disappearance jobs as needed.  Their client happens to be Rosslyn Kellis, Frost's rival, who in her dying moments tasks the group to eliminate her rivals. They soon learn, however, that they have competition in the eliminations as the Lord Emperor himself sends his own assassins to eliminate his political rivals that same night.

The group succeeds and escapes, but realizes that Kellis timed the task not with her own death, but with the knowledge of the Lord Emperor's plans. Who would, after all, notice a few extra deaths?

Jonette definitely took to the narrative and the system well. I'm excited to be able to introduce her to more games in the future.

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