Friday, October 4, 2019

Cat's Dream featured on

Tremendously grateful for the article on my latest game, Cat's Dream.
The game was written by me and features fantastic artwork by Ivan Frani.

Freedom to dream
Cat’s Dream’s mechanics gives players an extraordinary amount of freedom to create any kind of story they desire.

“I love how the game unlocks creative ideas in its players and opens their eyes to the potential wealth of choices and narrative twists one can embrace in a tabletop role-playing game,” said Abad.

“I also love seeing players realize how many other kinds of entertaining stories can be told in role-playing games beyond the usual fight and tactic-focused scenes. I do hope it also inspires some players to check out Ghibli movies.”

What would eventually become Cat’s Dream was born in 2013, “when I opted to be part of the Creative Pay It Forward event and my dear friend Jovan asked if I could create a game inspired by the [Ghibli] films,” said Abad.

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