Monday, October 21, 2019

#WeAreAllUs this 2019

Last October 19, 2019, we continued our Pendragon campaign using The Great Pendragon Campaign book, as we played through 510 and watched the young boy Arthur draw the sword from the stone.

Just had an awesome session of Pendragon today. #WeAreAllUs thank you Greg Stafford for writing so many awesome games. #TAGsessions — with Urim HernandezAdrian MartinezRocky Sunico and Flip Velez.

Wasn't able to slip in the adventure written for the celebration only because it would have felt like a rushed story if we did. But we still wanted to give our thanks and appreciation to the man who made this game possible.

As part of  WeAreAllUs, we remember you, Greg Stafford. And we say, THANK YOU!

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