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“Models are the only other kind of person, other than diplomats, who don’t have to worry about getting access to foreign nations.”  – Agent 080

This is a game about international super models who have also been enlisted to become M.O.D.E.L.S. – Military Operations, Defense, and Emergency Liaison Specialists – in the service of The Agency, a worldwide secret organization.  Set in a fictional version of our own modern world, players portray these M.O.D.E.L.S. who use their specialized skills, universal passports, and fashionable super science technology to protect the world from itself.  Handling missions all around the globe, the M.O.D.E.L.S. will engage in various espionage missions that combine the thrilling tradecraft drama of spy stories with irreverent humor and stylish over-the-top action.

While you are more than welcome to play this game with your own rules or setting in mind, the System section contains more information on the game mechanics.   The Character section contains information on the Specialty Sheets. The Dossier section has the information meant for players to work with. And the Conspiracy section contains information, tools, tips, and even optional rules for the GM.  Finally, the Mixed Signals has a lot of sources and suggestions that can be used to make your games more interesting.

Influences include No One Lives Forever, Zoolander, Mind MGMT, and Killing Eve.

238 pages
Main book + Character sheet + Mission Dossier + Scene Meters
With original new ruleset, optional rules galore, story generators, and lots of variable ideas you can use even if you play the game concept using a system of your choice.

Now available on Drivethrurpg:

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