Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Coming this April: A SECOND MOMENT


A Second Moment offers a glimpse into the creative direction behind the creation of the game, A Single Moment. This book contains a lot of the published content from the main book and the other expansions, but also contains all-new material by Filipino creators which was written for this compilation.

A Single Moment started as a love letter to the samurai genre and the intensity of the duels shown in popular media. But the game system has proven to be effective in celebrating the drama that is born when two powerful opposing forces meet head on.

This book is a thank you to everyone who enjoyed the game when it was released.  Hope you enjoy discovering your own single moment experiences! 

This book contains:
a) Behind the scenes content on A Single Moment
b) 20 Classic Playsets (from the main book, Ten More Playsets, and the Five More Playsets book)
c) 11 new Playsets (from Totally Epic Gaming Resource)
d) 8 new playsets including
- The Final Ball
- Lovecraftian
- Man versus Monster
e) Solitaire rules
f) Group play rules

Coming this April, 2021.

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