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As supermodels, you have all been trained to be seen and to grab notice. But M.O.D.E.L.S. are more than supermodels and they know how to rein it in and to disappear. They can turn invisible. They can become anyone they want.   – Agency Field Manual

Mastered Move: The Face
You can change your look and appearance to become someone else. You wear a disguise so perfect, even close friends or allies would have a hard time recognizing it is you. All you need is a make-up kit, and a little bit of time.
Standard Rating Bonus:  Your X Factor Rating/3 Rounded up is the maximum number of times you can use The Face in a single game session for free.  Afterwards, each use costs a Style Point.
Other X Factor Specialty Moves you can gain include:

 For a Style Point, you can use The Face to mimic a specific person. Additional props or clothing may be required if the GM deems it so. While this includes sounding and acting like the person, the GM can rule some instances to be a Risky Action of trying to maintain the mimicry.

 For a Style Point, you can match the body language and actions of one other person you are directly interacting with.  This allows you to instantly gain an opportunity to act before them to interrupt anything they are doing. Or allows you to match another’s actions, which in some cases (like say slipping past laser beam sensors) allows you to use their roll as if you rolled it too.

Just Nobody:
 For a Style Point, you can withdraw your star quality and presence and sink into the background. While not quite invisibility, you act and move in a way that decreases notice. Others tend to ignore you or pay attention to anyone else over you. While this won’t have you slipping through a secured gated area, it can have you walk past guards if you do so with a crowd.


Handling missions all around the globe, the M.O.D.E.L.S. will engage in various espionage missions that combine the thrilling tradecraft drama of spy stories with irreverent humor and stylish over-the-top action.

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