Saturday, December 30, 2023

Goodbye 2023. 2024 must be a productive year.

Kinda shaky year, this 2023 was. I feel it started out strong but then just.. somehow lost its way. But I like to believe it still ended strong.

Not much work done this year.  Written projects include:

 Among this year's 12 New include:

And of those three, only two were ever released for public purchase. That's terrible. Very terrible.
I need to be much more productive this coming 2024.

As to my annual 12 New Games Challenge, I thankfully hit it this year.

12 New Games this 2023
1. Delta Green
2. Regency Cthulhu
3. The Ward
4. Blade Runner
5. Die the RPG
6. Forget Me Not
7. Praxis: Black Mon, Book 4 - Sunrise End
8. The Invisible Sun
9. One of Us Will Die
10. Blue Rose
11. Vaesen
12. Host and Hostility: Regency Cthulhu
13. Vaesen: Fear the Evenfall
14. Stalker RPG

That's a wonderful collection of games there.  And highlights include The Invisible Sun which now has an ongoing campaign as wellas Die the RPG and Vaesen, both of which are tremendously tight worlds and amazing game systems.

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