Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Birthday John Wick

Yes, I will easily admit it.
I worship the guy.

I love his views on gaming. I love his games.
I so wish to someday write for him.  Or with him.
I so wish to someday game with him.
Or run a game for him.


John Wick inspires.
John Wick challenges.
John Wick creates.
John Wick mystifies.

I am proud to say I am a John Wick fan.
And I only pray that he appreciates how thankful I am of having him as a font of inspiration (I was about to write muse, but I felt odd thinking of him in a Greek dress).  But I think one can easily peek at this blog and see the many articles, games, and home-brewed systems I've come up with thanks to the inspiration he has shared.

I even wrote these Houses of the Blooded fan-systems:
Add the infamous Weeping Angels of Dr. Who to your Houses of the Blooded games.
Add the awesome concept of Giri from Blood & Honor to your Houses games.

A party event for your Ven.
Add the infamous Thief from Settlers of Catan to your games, whether for your Provinces, Vassals and other optional systems.
More systems for your Houses Game, including a way to come up withs more interesting gifts for Althuas.
Inspired by unlikely movies, some quick scenes to inspire your Houses games.
Five unlikely inspirations you might find just as inspiring for your game.
Adding the concept of the infamous Cathedral of Flesh of the World of Darkness into your Houses games.

John Wick, someday I hope to release my own game.  
And yes, you will be among those I shall thank for inspiring me to take that creative leap.

For now, however, all I can offer is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREETING that comes off as a huge fangasm moment.  And I hope that's okay.

Learn more about this awesome man and support his games here:

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