Friday, December 20, 2013

My List of Things To Run in 2014

Since I'm saving the 2013 Retrospective post for the coming New Year, I felt I should at least post about games I would love to run in 2014.  This year was a fantastic romp with me having expanded my horizons with over 12 games, and that's not even counting the many other games I got to try running even after that self-challenge.

Anyway here's a list of games I hope to be able to run in one way or another in the coming year.

Something Cthulhu...
I will admit, I have had very little exposure to actual H.P. Lovecraft work.  I've read a few stories, and seen some of the films inspired by his work, but I've yet to truly run a game that was written with Cthulhu and Lovecraftian horror in mind.  There was my personal nod to the mythos which I ran for Rocky, Victor and Mahar called, b/Dread which was really directly inspired by Alan Moore's Neonomicon. Then there was the attempt at a Google Hangout game with Arj and Erich using the tremulus system but sadly due to technical issues that didn't even go beyond a third of what I wanted to achieve.  So yeah, 2014 is the year I want to wet my hands on some deep Mythos game.
Possible systems:  tremulus, Cthulhutech, Eldritch Skies, Trail of Cthulhu
Target purchase: Graham Walmsley's "Stealing Cthulu"
I've heard so many good things about this book that I just might find the funds to get it for my research into constantly being a better GM for my groups.

Something Dune...
This, I shall admit, is one of the two games I want to yet am terribly afraid to do so simply because I feel I will do the source material no justice.  But ever since Rocky got me to actually read Frank Herbert's DUNE, I found myself spellbound by the intensity of the world.  The many lines where science, politics and religion intersect mesmerized me.  The concepts of the Navigators, the Bene Gesserit and the Reverend Mothers, the Shai hulud and the Fremen, all these were both exotic yet surprisingly familiar for me.  And I wanted to somehow capture that experience and reshare it to my players in a game.  (Part of me is tempted to do something soon in one of the chronicles I'm currently running, but we will see if I get the courage to do so.)  Given how much Rocky loves Dune, here's hoping I actually succeed when I take the dive into trying.
Possible systems: FATE, DUNE: Chronicles of the Imperium, DUNE: A dream of rain, DUNE: Twurps
There are also DUNE-related games created by fans using the Apocalypse Engine, so that's another direction to consider.

Something In Outer Space...
Yes, this would be the Star Trek game.  I'm too scared to even call it that in the title.  But Rocky loves Dune as much as he loves Star Trek, and I would love to find a way to run him a game that captures the feel of the shows.   But man, there's just so much lore in the show that I just know I'll get things wrong.  I can't even tell the alien species apart yet, or recite who are allied with whom.  But if the gods be willing, I would love to find a way to celebrate the geekdom with my partner more by running him and other members of the local Star Trek group, Via Astris, a session or two.
Possible systems: Federation Commander: First Missions, Star Trek: The Roleplaying Game (Decipher), maybe even Diaspora

Something with Big Robots...
I miss mecha.  I miss players fighting swarms of aliens in an attempt to save the remnants of the human race.   I miss those flowery explosions and those fractal trails of missile smoke.  I miss the intensity of war and the drama of love during such a tumultuous time.  It would be like Miss Saigon with forty meter power suits.  It would be like Romeo and Juliet while planets are torn apart.    I miss my mecha games.
Possible systems:  Robotech/Macross (Palladium), The Aegis Project, Bliss Stage, Battletech

Something very different...
My first dive into something very different was when I heard about Sorensen's Lacuna - The Birth of Mystery and the Girl from Blue City and told myself, "this sounds so crazy and different I just have to try it."  And guess what, it had the wonderful feeling of experiencing something so uniquely new just like when I first had a hand in trying out a game by an old company called Chameleon Eclectic, Psychosis.   The game was such a fresh new take that I just had to try it and boy was it truly a rush.  Nowadays, many people are finding this kind of a rush with the Apocalypse Engine, and with Fate.  But what about the less known games that are out there?  From Josh Jordan's Heroine, to Ben Lehman's Hot Guys Making Out... Perhaps one of the many games in the upcoming Protocol Game Series of Jim Pinto, or maybe a wacky game like Nick and Jake's Sea Dracula.   I just want to make sure I don't make the mistake of sticking only to a few game systems like I did in the past.  There are just so many new approaches, experiences and twists to role-playing games out there now that one would be a very close-minded fool not to try and experience more.

Something in Time...
A long-term Doctor Who game chronicle.  I want to run this.  While I'm no major Whovian, I do want to explore the fun of running around timelines, saving the universe in so many ways.  I want to see River Song get the spotlight this time, as the characters join her on a romp to rescue the Doctor himself.  Which incarnation?  Spoilers.

But yes, I want a Doctor Who long term game.  One where I can throw in a plot that unfolds and reveals all its twists within a span of three to six real world months.  And yes, I want River Song to be part of the run.  I'd probably even call it, "The Many Misadventures of Miss Song"
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